How Does Bottega Veneta Earn Cultural Credibility In China?

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Bottega Veneta focuses on the concept of “Reunion in Motion,” inspired by the anticipation and emotion of returning home for the holidays. Read More

Canceled Or Blacklisted. 2022’s Guide To China’s Biggest Celebrity Scandals

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Beijing took a tough stance on stars in 2022. From sexual misconduct to tax evasion, here are the year’s biggest celebrity disgraces. Read More

2022’s Top 6 Chinese KOLs You Need To Know

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Rising KOLs are reshaping China’s lucrative consumer market. Who should be on your radar if you want to reach new audiences and spur revenue for your brand? Read More

Big Tech Has Seen The Potential Of China’s Web Novels And Short Dramas. When Will Luxury Follow Suit?

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Big Tech Has Seen The Potential Of China’s Web Novels And Short Dramas. When Will Luxury Follow Suit? Read More Pledges Wealth Redistribution As Part Of China’s ‘Common Prosperity’ Drive

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With the e-commerce firm announcing cuts to executive pay to fund benefits for its frontline workers, has signaled its commitment to implementing Beijing’s new policy. Read More

Why Chinese Consumers Are Not Your Average Art Collectors

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In the market research report “Winning China’s High-Spending Cultural Consumer: The Future Of Luxury,” Jing Daily analyzes the behaviors and characteristics of Chinese art collectors in 2022. Read More

Alibaba And Keep Double 11 Revenues Secret. The Chinese Consumer Is Clearly Changing

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Keeping quiet on the final results of Double 11, China’s biggest e-commerce giants face stiff competition and changing consumer sentiment.  Read More

How Alibaba Tapped The Chinaverse For Double 11

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Alibaba's virtual idol Noah promoted electronics giant Haier during Double 11. Read More

One Way To Avoid Scandals? China Lays Down Law For Celebrity Endorsements

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With brands doing all they can to avoid celebrity scandals, China announces further regulations for endorsements. Read More

Nike Taps Its First Esports Player, China’s League of Legends Pro Uzi

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Retired in 2020 due to chronic health issues, Uzi is one of the most successful League of Legends players to have emerged since the game’s debut in 2009.  Read More


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