Oct 30, 2020


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    Chinese and American Entertainment Platforms Vie for Screen Time in Indonesia

    Indonesia is one country where Chinese entertainment giants are locking horns with globally recognized names like Netflix and Disney. KrAsia News

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    Egyptian Filmmakers Attribute China's Recovered Film Market to Anti-Pandemic Policies

    Renowned Egyptian filmmakers and workers in the cinema industry stressed that China has become the world's top film market in 2020 thanks to its anti-COVID-19 measures. Xinhua Net

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    Immersive Puzzle-Solving Adventures Lead New Trend in China

    With young Chinese shifting their spending from goods to experiences, some new forms of entertainment, such as immersive puzzle-solving games, known as "escape room" or "murder mysteries," have become the latest trend for recreation in China. CGTN

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    How Hip Hop Star GAI Went From Violent Offender to Mainstream Success

    Often recognized as one of the country’s most interesting lyricists, GAI has come a long way since his win on the show back in 2017, in many ways showcasing a number of the key issues that contemporary hip hop grapples with in China — from censorship to tensions between “real” and reality TV rappers. RADII China

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    Macao Film Festival Unveils Line-Up for IFFAM Project Market

    International Film Festival & Awards Macao (IFFAM) has unveiled the 14 projects that have been selected for this year’s edition of the IFFAM Project Market (IPM). IFFAM Project Market is taking place December 3-5 as part of the festival’s Industry Hub. Project pitches and meetings will be presented digitally, enabling industry participation from around the globe. Screen Daily