Jun 17, 2021


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    Stephen Chow Inks Deal to Produce Online Movies for Tencent

    The comedy legend, still fighting a legal battle with Chinese studio New Culture Media, recently has pivoted toward making movies for streaming platforms. The Hollywood Reporter

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    China’s Big Three Studios Announce Upcoming TV and Film Slate

    In recent years, realist film and TV productions have become a hit on the small and big screens in China, which has become the world's largest film market with hits like "The Eight Hundred" and "Hi, Mom." Global Times

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    Has China Fallen Out of Love With Hollywood Movies?

    Hollywood blockbusters are losing ground in China, as box office takings for domestic films go from strength to strength. South China Morning Post

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    BTS V Lands on the Top 100 Super Topics in China

    BTS V (also known as Kim Taehyung) is proving his widespread popularity in China as he enters the Top 100 Super Topics with the highest score among the BTS members. Kpop Starz