China’s Entertainment Industry Threatens Legal Action Against Re-Edited Fan Videos

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Streaming platforms and production companies are reminding people that, while abridged versions and mini reviews of popular programming have eager audiences in China, they can still constitute copyright violations. Read More

China’s TikTok Is Banning Users Who Brag About Their Wealth

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The short-video platform’s stated goal of promoting “a civilized lifestyle” aligns with an ongoing government campaign to make China’s cyberspace more positive and wholesome. Read More

China’s Top Sci-Fi Author Is… Stephen King?

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A Chinese writer’s submission for a prestigious domestic award was found to have copied the entire plot from a decades-old story by the prominent American author. Read More

Kuaishou Mired in Music Copyright Troubles on Eve of Hong Kong Share Trading

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A Chinese copyright body has requested Kuaishou remove 10,000 videos from its platform for alleged infringement of intellectual property rights, and that may just be the start. The order comes as the short video app prepares to trade its shares in Hong Kong. Read More

TikTok Sister App Douyin Fined for Spreading Sexual and Improper Content in China

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Douyin has been slapped with the maximum penalty for spreading “obscene, pornographic and vulgar information” online. Read More

Chinese Gaming Tycoon Dies After Suspected Poisoning

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Yoozoo Games is best known for its Game of Thrones: Winter Is Coming game, as well as its upcoming movie adaptation of popular sci-fi novel series “The Three-Body Problem.” Read More

China’s TV Industry Wants to Blacklist Known Plagiarists

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Dozens of screenwriters, directors, and producers are calling for shows to stop “publicizing and hyping” intellectual property thieves by continuing to invite them on. Read More

Chinese Actor Threatens Legal Action Against Catfishing Imposters

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Several accounts on short-video platforms claiming to be Jin Dong were found to be deceiving his fans — especially women of a certain age. Read More

Chinese Video Streamer Says Internal Review Debunks Fraud Claims

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Chinese video streaming firm iQiyi said in a statement on Monday that its internal review into the financial fraud allegations made by American short seller Wolfpack Research “did not uncover any evidence that would substantiate the allegations.” Read More