A Pop Star, His Deadbeat Dad, and a Fierce Online Debate

 /  Celebrity  / 
Zhou Zhennan is famous for being born with a silver spoon in his mouth. But it turns out his parents are actually backlisted debtors. Read More

Cut by a Minute, Zhang Yimou Film ‘One Second’ Secures China Release

 /  Film  / 
Regulators have finally approved the renowned director’s long-delayed Cultural Revolution drama, which is said to be 60 seconds shorter than when it was abruptly withdrawn from last year’s Berlin International Film Festival. Read More

Short Show ‘The Long Night’ Offers Quality Over Quantity

 /  Streaming  / 
“The Long Night” — its Chinese name, “Chenmo de Zhenxiang,” translates as “The Silent Truth” — is part of a trend of productions with far fewer episodes than what is common in China’s TV industry. Read More

Netflix to Bring Chinese Sci-Fi’s ‘Three-Body’ Trilogy to Life

 /  Film  / 
Many sci-fi fans in China say they’re looking forward to a top-notch production, but some doubt whether the American streaming giant can do the famously abstract books justice. Read More

‘Harry Potter’ 3D Is China’s Highest Weekend Earner Since Theaters Reopened

 /  Film  / 
The movie’s $14 million weekend box office suggests theaters in China are starting to recover after being closed for nearly six months due to the coronavirus pandemic. Read More

TikTok Parent ByteDance Could Counter Trump Order With Lawsuit

 /  Legal  / 
Executive orders from the White House banning two of the most popular Chinese-owned mobile apps are the latest escalation in a technological standoff between the United States and China. Read More

China’s Nascent Tech Sectors Need 10M Workers by 2025, Report Says

 /  Chinasplaining  / 
Jobs involving artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, and esports in particular will face worker shortages in the coming years. Read More

China’s Cinemas Reopen as Coronavirus Restrictions Eased

 /  News  / 
While some patrons were excited to be watching films on the big screen again, others said the experience wasn’t the same without snacks and beverages, which remain prohibited. Read More

‘Middle-Aged’ Celebs Are Vying to Become China’s Next Girl Group

 /  Opinion  / 
Some viewers praise “Sisters Who Make Waves” for being inclusive, while others say the show does little to address the real issues older women in China’s entertainment industry face. Read More

Film Executive’s Death Shocks China’s Entertainment Industry

 /  News  / 
Huang Wei, 52, was the vice president of Bona Film Group, one of the country’s largest movie production and distribution companies. Read More


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