How ‘Sacrifice’ is Making Old-School Patriotism Cool Again

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The film, which has already made more than 350 million yuan domestically, draws from China’s cinematic past to tell a tale of heroism unburdened by doubts. Read More

Cut by a Minute, Zhang Yimou Film ‘One Second’ Secures China Release

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Regulators have finally approved the renowned director’s long-delayed Cultural Revolution drama, which is said to be 60 seconds shorter than when it was abruptly withdrawn from last year’s Berlin International Film Festival. Read More

Livestreaming Hits the Big Screen as China’s Box Office Booms

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China’s top e-commerce livestreaming stars are so recognizably in the mainstream that they are now appearing in movies (having already conquered the smaller screens). Read More

Team Effort VS Individualism – What is the Message Behind Box Office Smash Hit Volleyball Movie ‘Leap’?

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While general comments about the movie have trended online some people have questioned the overall message of the movie and whether individualism trumps team effort. Read More

‘Mulan’ Earnings Disappoint in First Weekend of China Box Office

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"Mulan" took in only $23.2 million by the end of its first weekend, according to industry watcher (link in Chinese), far less than analysts expected. The results bring the film’s total international box office to $37.6 million, Disney said. Read More

Netflix to Bring Chinese Sci-Fi’s ‘Three-Body’ Trilogy to Life

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Many sci-fi fans in China say they’re looking forward to a top-notch production, but some doubt whether the American streaming giant can do the famously abstract books justice. Read More

War Film or Farce? Blockbuster Triggers Debate Over Historical Accuracy

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Although the film has received a strong score of 7.8 out of 10 on the Chinese review site Douban, it remains highly controversial among viewers. Read More

‘Harry Potter’ 3D Is China’s Highest Weekend Earner Since Theaters Reopened

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The movie’s $14 million weekend box office suggests theaters in China are starting to recover after being closed for nearly six months due to the coronavirus pandemic. Read More

Headlines from China: Director Guan Hu’s War Epic ‘The Eight Hundred’ Makes Successful Pre-screening

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The much-anticipated war-epic “The Eight Hundred”, set for wide release on August 21, is one of the first new films to hit theaters since Chinese cinemas returned to operation in late July. The film arranged hundreds of pre-screenings at cinemas around China in the past weekend. Read More