China’s Long-Suffering Film Industry Eyes Big Holiday Box Office

 /  Box Office  / 
While urban cinemas may see booming business, those in small cities are likely to get less traffic, as fewer people are returning to their rural hometowns for the Lunar New Year because of ongoing coronavirus control measures. Read More

China’s Music Aficionados Lament Loss of Streaming Service Xiami

 /  Music  / 
The Alibaba-backed company will suspend its operations after more than a decade due to “operational adjustments.” Read More

China’s Box Office Starts New Year With Record Opening

 /  Box Office  / 
With movie theaters mostly closed across the globe, China also became the world’s biggest box office for the first time in 2020. Read More

Quick-to-Quip Comedy Queen Called Out for Comments on Men

 /  Chinasplaining  / 
Yang Li was accused of “insulting all men … and creating gender opposition” in her performances, but the comedian says they reflect people’s honest opinions. Read More

2020 Sees Hit Chinese Band Emerge From 10-Year Hiatus

 /  Music  / 
Wanneng Qingnian Lü Dian has returned with an album that has instantly won hearts. Read More

China’s TV Industry Wants to Blacklist Known Plagiarists

 /  Legal  / 
Dozens of screenwriters, directors, and producers are calling for shows to stop “publicizing and hyping” intellectual property thieves by continuing to invite them on. Read More

Chinese Song Amplifies Awareness of Violence Against Women

 /  Music  / 
Tan Weiwei’s latest album revolves around the everyday struggles faced by women from diverse backgrounds. Read More

Chinese War Drama Taken Offline Over Fancy Home, Fancy Hairstyles

 /  Chinasplaining  / 
“Warrior of Thunder” was pulled from networks following criticism by People’s Daily. Producers defended their show in a now-deleted social media post. Read More

China’s Short-Video Apps Urged to Crack Down on Unauthorized Music

 /  Music  / 
Major social platforms including Douyin and Kuaishou were found to be rife with songs users did not have permission to use. Read More

China Remembers Korean War With Volley of ‘Resist the US’ Films

 /  Film  / 
The new movies are among the first Korean War dramas to be shot in China since the country normalized relations with the U.S. in the 1970s. Read More


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