2020 Sees Hit Chinese Band Emerge From 10-Year Hiatus

Wanneng Qingnian Lü Dian has returned with an album that has instantly won hearts.

Fans of a popular Chinese rock band from the noughties are ending 2020 on a happy note following the release of their new album after a decade-long wait.

On Tuesday, Wanneng Qingnian Lü Dian — known as Omnipotent Youth Society in English — released their first new album online since disappearing from the music scene after the release of their debut hit record in 2010. The long-anticipated follow-up titled “Inside the Cable Temple” has already sold over 360,000 digital copies since it was released on music streaming platform NetEase.

“Thank you all for your patience with this album. The trajectories and answers are recorded in these 44 minutes and 22 seconds,” the band wrote in a poetic note to fans on the day of their album release.

Wanneng Qingnian Lü Dian came together in the late ’90s in Shijiazhuang, central China’s Hebei province, with the band debuting their first single in 2006 and recording an EP three years later. But it wasn’t until 2010 that the rock quartet made an indelible mark on China’s music scene with their full-length eponymous album.

Their 2010 album is considered to be one of the best Chinese records to come out in recent times and is mostly known for poetic songs depicting life in lower-tier cities. The single “Kill the One from Shijiazhuang” has become the band’s most popular song and tells of the struggles faced by people living in industrial cities transitioning from a planned economy to a market system.

Ten years later, “Inside the Cable Temple” is creating the same effect, with the album already topping the charts on review site Douban’s music section. On NetEase, three of the eight singles from the album instantly snatched the top spots on the day of its release. Continue to read the full article here


– This article originally appeared on Sixth Tone