With Drug Charge, Chinese Comedian’s Career Could Go Up in Smoke

 /  Celebrity  / 
The 25-year-old’s agency has apologized on social media and announced the indefinite suspension of his projects. Read More

Court Rules Against iQiyi for Charging Premium Subscribers Extra

 /  Streaming  / 
The Netflix-like video site had imposed a surcharge on its VIP users for advance screenings of a popular Chinese period drama. Read More

Chinese Cinemas Prepare to Reboot Business

 /  News  / 
Movie theaters will follow social distancing rules and screen both old and new releases when they open. Read More

Film Tells Story of Hope After 2008’s Deadly Wenchuan Earthquake

 /  Film Review  / 
Even amid death and destruction, hope persists if you look hard enough. That’s the message one film is delivering at a time when the entire planet is in the throes of the worst pandemic in decades. Read More

Shanghai Disney Reopens to Smiles and Social Distancing

 /  News  / 
Shanghai Disney Resort welcomed visitors on Monday after more than three months of suspended operations due to the coronavirus pandemic. The theme park said entrance tickets for the first day sold out within minutes when sales resumed Friday but did not disclose the number of expected visitors. Read More

Viral Youth Day Video Gets Lukewarm Reception Among Young Chinese

 /  Chinasplaining  / 
Many say the campaign is high on style and low on substance, and does not faithfully represent the young generation. Read More

Victoria’s Secret China Ambassador Sparks Discussion on Changing Beauty Norms

 /  Celebrity  / 
Supporters say the choice of not-particularly-curvy actor Zhou Dongyu is a welcome departure from the lingerie label’s usual nonrepresentative models and spokeswomen. Read More

Tired of 2020? Try the 1020s, Say Chinese Period Drama Fans

 /  TV  / 
Viewers have mostly given a thumbs-up to the Song dynasty drama “Serenade of Peaceful Joy.” Read More

Chinese Cities Shut Tourist Sites and Entertainment Venues, Again

 /  News  / 
Many just-reopened businesses are being ordered to close amid an increasing number of imported coronavirus cases. Read More

New Series Spotlights Behind-the-Scenes Heroes of Chinese Film

 /  People  / 
“Tales of Chinese Filmmakers” brings camera operators, sound designers, voice actors, and other unsung film crew members to center stage. Read More


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