Viewers Give ‘Three-Body’ Animated Series Two Thumbs Up

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China’s sci-fi industry has attracted significant interest and growth in recent years, generating 45.6 billion yuan ($6.5 billion) in 2018, a threefold increase from 2017, according to a report released in November at an annual science fiction conference. Read More

China’s Live Performances Go Virtual Amid COVID-19 Epidemic

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“Crosstalk” shows, operas, and even music festivals are going online to avoid crowds and prevent the coronavirus from spreading. Read More

Fan-Fiction Site Blocked in China After Celeb’s Stans Complain

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Fans of Chinese actor Xiao Zhan had mobilized to protest their idol being portrayed as a woman with a thing for teens on the popular content-hosting platform Archive of Our Own, leading to the site being blacklisted in China. Read More

Reality Shows Present Slice of Indoor Life During Epidemic

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Several television and online platforms are premiering shows shot within the confines of people’s homes, including those of celebrities. Read More

Film Crew Documents Life in Wuhan Amid COVID-19 Epidemic

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The film they had planned to shoot in Hubei was derailed by the coronavirus, so instead they’re creating a visual chronicle of a city under lockdown. Read More

China’s Entertainment Sector Suffers Amid Coronavirus Epidemic

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Delayed release dates and stalled projects are likely to hurt the country’s TV and film industry like never before, insiders say. Read More

Nike Woos Chinese Customers With Spring Festival Ad

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Many viewers in the country have applauded the American sportswear brand for showcasing the festival’s human side. Read More

Bruce Lee’s Daughter Sues Fast-Food Chain Over Copyright

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Shannon Lee is demanding $30 million from the Chinese company for its logo, which bears similarities to the martial arts legend. Read More

Authorities to Arcades: No Kids Under 18 Except on Holidays

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The new rule, which will come into effect in January, is the Chinese government’s latest effort to curb gaming addiction among teens and young children. Read More

Channel Your Inner Ne Zha, Says Party Paper Commentary

 /  Chinasplaining  / 
The summer blockbuster that broke box office records is now being touted as a model for cadres’ good behavior. Read More


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