Taking Aim at Corporate Hierarchy, NetEase Backs Staff Nicknames

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In a move toward dismantling the rigid corporate hierarchy common at many Chinese companies, game developer NetEase is allowing employees to choose their own preferred nicknames. Read More

Chinese Rapper’s Viral Post Sheds Light on ‘Workplace PUA’

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After Yamy called out the head of her agency for constantly manipulating and belittling her, thousands have come forward with stories about their own horrible bosses. Read More

‘Sisters’ Act: The Hollow Feminism of China’s Hottest New Show

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Between progressive politics and drama, producers will always choose the latter. But that doesn’t mean the show isn’t worth watching. Read More

‘Middle-Aged’ Celebs Are Vying to Become China’s Next Girl Group

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Some viewers praise “Sisters Who Make Waves” for being inclusive, while others say the show does little to address the real issues older women in China’s entertainment industry face. Read More

Subculture Sellouts: Kuaishou and Bilibili Embrace Normcore

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Long known as havens for China’s marginalized, nerdy, and just plain weird, the two video platforms are trading their grassroots cred for a more yuppie-friendly image. Read More

Where Are All the Chinese Talk Shows?

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Programs like “The Daily Show” are popular with Chinese audiences, but that doesn’t mean the country will be producing its own version any time soon. Read More

How Will the Movie Business Survive the Crisis?

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China’s box office is expected to plummet to $4.2 billion this year, less than half of 2019’s $9.2 billion. With theaters shuttered indefinitely and no release dates in sight for completed films, thousands of production companies have gone out of business, and those that remain must focus on how to “rescue and sustain themselves.”  Read More

Bytedance Gaming Play Doesn’t Threaten Tencent—yet

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To understand what Bytedance is doing in gaming, you have to understand its unique approach to corporate strategy. Read More

China’s Entertainment Sector Suffers Amid Coronavirus Epidemic

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Delayed release dates and stalled projects are likely to hurt the country’s TV and film industry like never before, insiders say. Read More