Headlines From China: China Limits Minors to Gaming at Most 3 Hours a Week

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Chinese minors will be limited to one hour of online gaming every week. Read More

Will a Red-Hot Bilibili Become Irresistible to Luxury Brands in 2022?

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Bilibili has evolved far beyond its early focus on the ACG (Anime, Comics, and Games) subculture, to draw hundreds of millions of mainstream users. Read More

Headlines From China: ‘Free Guy’ Grabs $23 Million Weekend Win

 /  Box Office  / 
“Free Guy” grabbed a convincing win at the top of the China box office. Read More

Beijing Cancels Actress Zhao Wei. Is No Star Safe?

 /  News  / 
China has weathered a series of idol and celebrity scandals, and the reactions have been swift and strong. Where does that leave luxury ambassadorships?  Read More

How TikTok and Shein Are Taking Over the World

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TikTok recently announced an expanded partnership with Shopify and a pilot test of TikTok Shopping. Read More

Headlines From China: Singer-Actor Jackson Yee Tops Forbes China Celebrity List for 2nd Straight Year

 /  Headlines From China  / 
Singer-actor Jackson Yee has topped the Forbes China Celebrity List for the second year running. Read More

China’s Newest Boy Band Called ‘Absurd’ for Being Too Young

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Critics say minors shouldn’t be used as a tool to make money for companies. Read More

Headlines From China: A Hit TV Crime Series Is Facing an Off-Screen Offense — Piracy

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Episodes from “Crime Crackdown” released in advance for premium subscribers were found circulating on various social media platforms. Read More

Bilibili Continues to Generate Impressive Growth Despite China’s Ongoing Tech Clampdown

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Over 40,000 fans signed up to a crowdfunding scheme for Bilibili’s popular anime "Link Click," breaking previous anime merchandise crowdfunding records in China. Read More

China Curbs Idol-Related App Purchases

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Chinese authorities have removed apps from online stores that support idols and celebrities while forcing others to institute age restrictions. Read More


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