Sex scandals, Lisa’s cabaret show top China’s celebrity storms of 2023

We look back at some of the spiciest celebrity scandals of the year and provide updates on what has happened since.

While 2023 was quieter than 2022 in terms of crackdowns on China’s entertainment industry, that didn’t stop the country’s biggest stars from stirring the pot.

From shocking revelations about C-pop singer Cai Xukun’s personal life to eyebrow-raising cabaret performances by K-pop sensation Lisa, each incident ignited widespread discussion across Chinese social media and forced brands to react quickly, drawing from past years’ experiences.

Below is a roundup of some of the biggest celebrities in China who found themselves in hot water this year, along with an update on their situation.

Cai Xukun lays low after abortion scandal

In June, Chinese artist Cai Xukun rocked the internet with a sex scandal, sparking 2.7 billion reads within two days. Social media was abuzz with rumors that the 25-year-old star had engaged in a one-night stand with a woman, got her pregnant, and pressured her to have an abortion. Cai later confirmed the relationship but denied any forced abortion or foul play.

Cai has since kept a low profile online, resurfacing to post a new song on Weibo in November. Prada, who named Cai its first-ever Chinese spokesperson in 2019, has not posted about him on Weibo since May. The singer has kept busy elsewhere, commencing a tour taking in Macau, Hong Kong, and Southeast Asia. The Guangzhou leg, originally set for August, was postponed though, indicating ongoing troubles in the mainland. Read more

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