From Xiao Zhan to Eileen Gu: Milan Fashion Week Secures Spotlight Leveraging Chinese Stars

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Jing Daily’s new KOL Tracker examines Chinese stars’ attendance at Milan Fashion Week. Are they a solid investment for brands looking to boost their visibility in China? Read More

China’s Web Literature Popularity Continues to Grow Overseas

 /  News  / 
Industry representatives are starting to compare Chinese online literature with Hollywood films and K-dramas in terms of global reach. Read More

From Cultural Clout to Edutainment, China’s Xiaohongshu Is The Top App for Chinese Travelers

 /  News  / 
How are Chinese travelers choosing where to go and what to do? For many, these answers are sourced through one app: Xiaohongshu. Read More

Headlines From China: The viral rise of Chinese-style beauty and ‘Douyin makeup’ on TikTok

 /  Headlines From China  / 
The viral rise of Chinese-style beauty and ‘Douyin makeup’ on TikTok. Read More

From Chen Kun to Nuria Ma: Chinese KOLs shine at London Fashion Week Spring Summer 2024

 /  News  / 
This edition of ‘Jing Daily’s’ new KOL Tracker breaks down Chinese KOLs’ attendance at London Fashion Week. Was their presence enough to spark conversation in China? Read More

KOL CherryGun: From Chinese internet sensation to subculture social media expert

 /  News  / 
Emerging in the early 2000s as China’s “Queen of Retro,” CherryGun, full name Chen Xingru, has successfully navigated the country’s fast-evolving digital landscape and dynamic pop culture and fashion industries.  Read More

In a Viral Upset with 1 Billion Views, China’s Top Beauty Anchor Li Jiaqi Enrages Consumers

 /  News  / 
Brands stuck with the influencer after audience outrage at his wage insensitive comments during livestream. But the debacle threatens to turn consumers away as the Double 11 shopping fest nears.  Read More

Is Baidu’s Ernie Bot the next retail super app? Luxury take note

 /  News  / 
The battle for AI supremacy heats up in China as Baidu, Tencent and others release their own chatbots.  Read More

Sporting Events Deploy Web3 Tech & Gentle Monster Taps the Gaming Market

 /  News  / 
The roundup and the verdict on this week’s hottest Web3 activations, taken from our Jing Meta weekly newsletter. Read More

Weibo Rolls Out Community Notes to Combat Misinformation

 /  News  / 
The popular microblogging platform is looking to crowdsource its fact-checking efforts, similar to Twitter’s community notes system. Read More


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