Chinese drama ‘Blossoms Shanghai’ sparks interest in bespoke fashion

‘Blossoms Shanghai,’ a TV series by Wong Kar Wai, has spurred consumer nostalgia for ‘90s fashion, travel, and beauty trends.

What happened

Blossoms Shanghai, directed by the celebrated Wong Kar Wai, known for his visually stunning and emotionally resonant films like In the Mood for Love, has captivated a massive audience. Content related to the drama has accumulated a staggering 4.3 billion views on China’s micro-blogging platform Weibo.

Set in 1990s Shanghai, Blossoms Shanghai traces the ascent of a young man to successful businessman, juxtaposing personal narratives against the backdrop of a booming China. The show stars Hu Ge, Xin Zhilei, Tiffany Tang, and Ma Yili.

The Jing Take

The series has sparked a wave of nostalgia for the Shanghai of yesteryears. Since the show’s debut in December, it has impacted fashion, travel, and beauty trends both online and offline.

The series has also catalyzed a boom in bespoke suits for men, a nod to the sartorial elegance of the 1990s as depicted in the show. A key scene shows the protagonist transforming from an unnoticed city dweller into a sophisticated gentleman through a bespoke suit.

Tailors in China have reported demand rising.

On Xiaohongshu, netizens are sharing tips on how to dress like the characters on the show. “Many ready-made clothes aren’t suitably elegant. Just like in Blossoms Shanghai, your suit should be customized and bespoke,” shares @Baron on Xiaohongshu. Continue to read the full article here