Michael Kors appoints singer, actor Tan Jianci as China brand ambassador

The popular Chinese actor and singer’s new role as Greater China brand ambassador created significant online buzz.

What happened

On December 27, Michael Kors appointed Chinese actor and singer Tan Jianci, widely known as JC-T, as its Greater China brand ambassador, signaling a significant shift in the brand’s marketing approach.

“JC-T is a magnetic force when it comes to his work and his style,” said the brand’s founder and fashion designer Michael Kors in a release. “We’re thrilled to welcome him to the Michael Kors family.”

JC-T, who stars in the Chinese fantasy series Lost You Forever, commands a substantial following of over 15.5 million on Weibo. The announcement, accompanied by a black-and-white campaign showcasing JC-T styled with a denim jacket and the brand’s iconic Mila handbag, generated positive feedback from netizens. The campaign hashtags attracted 200 million views and drove over 5.7 million engagements on Weibo, within 4 hours.

The Jing Take

This announcement campaign reflects Michael Kors’ efforts to rejuvenate its brand image and connect with a younger demographic. Rather than focusing solely on the brand’s famous handbags, the campaign introduces a refreshed brand image with a modern nuance.

To mark the appointment, the brand launched the “JCTalk” creative project to communicate its core values directly to its target audience through personal narratives. Continue to read the full article here