Ready Player, Too: Life as a Woman in China’s Gaming Industry

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China’s home to 300 million female gamers. Why don’t developers take them seriously? Read More

Headlines from China: Wong Kar-wai Moves Ahead With a Newly Scripted ‘Chungking Express’ Sequel

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News have surfaced on Chinese social media that Wong Kar-wai has written a sequel to his celebrated 1994 romance 'Chungking Express’ titled ‘Chungking Express 2020’. Read More

Future Nostalgia: China’s Video Games Plug Into Ancient Culture

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Developers are using a modern medium to resurrect centuries-old traditions, as the industry responds to a rising tide of patriotism. Read More

Headlines from China: iQIYI’s Successful Release of Another Suspense Drama for Its Highly-Acclaimed ‘Mister Theater’

 /  China Film Insiders  / 
iQiyi’s fifth suspense drama in its highly-acclaimed “Mist Theater” series—“The Long Night” is making headlines again. Read More

Headlines from China: Chinese Mainland Box Office On Its Way to Surpass North America And Become World’s Largest Film Market

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Chinese experts predicted on Monday that the mainland box office is very likely to surpass its North American counterpart and become the world’s largest film market in 2020. Read More

Reality TV Goes Viral for All the Wrong Reasons as Star Picks Endangered Flower

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In the latest episode of the television series “Go Fighting,” a Chinese reality show promoting customs and cultures of Western China, a celebrity picks a flower in the wilds of Tibet, only for netizens to later point out it was an endangered plant, arousing criticism from environmentalists. Read More

Medical Drama Salutes Pandemic Heroes but Stirs Sexism Debate

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So far only two episodes have been broadcast but the show has drawn criticism due to “factual inaccuracies”, not least in regards to the gender balance of the “heroes”. Read More

Headlines from China: TikTok Deal is About to Close, ByteDance Plans US IPO For TikTok Global

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The Beijing-based Internet giant Bytedance, is planning to list TikTok Global—the joint venture set up in the latest TikTok deal, in U.S. stock market should its proposed deal be cleared by the U.S. government. Read More

Tencent’s PUBG Still Highest Earning Game Despite Indian Ban

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Last month, PUBG Mobile and its Chinese mainland version “Game For Peace” generated more than $221 million in revenue, representing a year-on-year increase of 25.5%, according to statistics provided by research firm SensorTower. Read More

Headlines from China: Tencent Inks Deal With England’s Premier League to Show Soccer Games in China

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After the contract dispute with Chinese local video streaming site PPTV forced the Premier League to quit the market for a while, the England’s prestigious soccer league finally signed a deal with Internet giant Tencent to play the rest of the season’s games on Tencent’s wide-ranging digital platforms including WeChat, and Tencent Video. Read More


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