Headlines from China: 988 Entertainment Companies Dissolved in Two Months

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According to the data provided by qcc.com, a total of 988 entertainment enterprises have filed dissolution between February 1st and March 20th this year Read More

Covid-19 Costs Leading Movie Ticket Agent $28 Million in Refunds

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Leading online movie ticketing agent Maoyan Entertainmen thad to refund a hefty 200 million yuan ($28 million) in the final days of January as most of the nation’s cinemas shut down in a matter of days at the height of the coronavirus outbreak, the company said. Read More

Headlines from China: Maoyan Entertainment Reports Net Profit For The First Time Since Listed 

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Maoyan Entertainment released its 2019 Performance Report. For the first time, the Chinese online ticketing giant posted net profit since it went public, with a total revenue of 4600 million yuan. Read More

Life in Kuaishou’s Watery Margins

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Streamers on China’s coarse TikTok rival drift between the alieantion of the ‘jianghu’ and dreams of mainstream success. Read More

Headlines from China: ‘Avengers’ Film Series, ‘Jojo Rabbit’ and ‘Call of the Wild’ Set to Release in China

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As the film exhibition sector in China gradually resumes business, 'Avengers' Film Series, 'Jojo Rabbit' and 'Call of the Wild' are among the first batch of foreign films to be released in China. Read More

Bytedance Gaming Play Doesn’t Threaten Tencent—yet

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To understand what Bytedance is doing in gaming, you have to understand its unique approach to corporate strategy. Read More

Headlines from China: More Films Are Getting Back on Track of Distribution Plans

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With more and more theaters reopening for business since last Friday, film distributors are also restarting their previously halted distribution plans. Read More

Video Streaming Results: Bilibili, Tencent Video, iQiyi

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Though video streaming continued to be an unprofitable business last year, all platforms have seen a recent surge in viewership as a result of the coronavirus lockdowns that started in late January, and are expected to be at least partially sustained throughout the year. Read More

Headlines from China: China’s Box Office Earnings Expected to Reach Only US$4.21 Billion in 2020

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Due to the shortened exhibition time and the limited film supplies, it is very possible that the domestic box office revenue this year might be cut half to around only 30 billion yuan (US$4.21 B) in total. Read More

More than 500 Cinemas Reopen in China as New Virus Cases Near Zero

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As of March 21, a total of 507 cinemas across China had reopened to moviegoers, representing 4.5% of the total cinemas operating in the country. Read More


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