Bytedance Overtakes Baidu, Tencent in H1 Digital Ad Revenue

 /  Entertainment Marketing  / 
Brands are increasingly shifting budget to short video apps, which are outperforming other internet platforms. Read More

Headlines from China: China’s Uber Taps into Film & TV Business

 /  Headlines From China  / 
Various news sources reported that Beijing Xiaoju Keji Co., Ltd., the operator of DiDi Chuxing (also known as China's Uber) has found a new media and entertainment company named Beijing Li Li Cheng Media Co. Read More

Authorities to Arcades: No Kids Under 18 Except on Holidays

 /  News  / 
The new rule, which will come into effect in January, is the Chinese government’s latest effort to curb gaming addiction among teens and young children. Read More

Headlines from China: ‘The Farewell’ Cancels November 22 Release

 /  Headlines From China  / 
The November 22 China release of 2019 drama film "The Farewell" has been cancelled. A new release date is yet to be determined. Read More

Douyin, TikTok notch 1.5 billion downloads across iOS and Android

 /  News  / 
TikTok is still one of the world’s most popular apps despite a deceleration in 2019. Read More

Headlines from China: Golden Rooster Awards Return to Annual Schedule

 /  Headlines From China  / 
No longer a biannual event, China's Golden Rooster Awards are switching to an annual schedule. Read More

What Brands Need to Know About Short Video and Douyin: Q&A With Qumin’s Arnold Ma

 /  CBI  / 
CBI caught up with Arnold Ma, CEO and founder of the China-focused digital marketing agency Qumin, to discuss how short video is changing China’s social media landscape and the prospects for brands interested in working with these new platforms. Read More

CBI Case Study: How Beauty Brands Work With IP to Reach Young Consumers

 /  CBI  / 
IP collaborations were among the strategies that enjoyed a breakout moment during this year’s Singles’ Day, and they have been especially concentrated among beauty and personal care brands. Read More

CBI Video: SK-II Takes Another Look at Chinese Women With Katie Couric

 /  CBI  / 
SK-II’s recent global campaign, “Timelines," is a global docu-series with American television journalist Katie Couric taking a broader view of marriage pressure and social expectations across cultures. Read More

CBI News Wrap: Branded Art Exhibits, Versace’s Comeback

 /  CBI  / 
SK-II, Casarte and Coca-Cola are among the brands using the power of the arts to boost their presence in China. Read More



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