Headlines from China: Late Summer China Box Office Forecast

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Twenty films have been confirmed to release in Chinese theaters between now and October 1. Local box office analysts took a look at the twenty films and forecast their opening weekend earnings and overall box office performances. Read More

Launch of Big New Romance on Tencent Video Marred by Advertising Bug

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"Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace" is the first work China Literature will have to report to shareholders after having agreed to complete the acquisition. This will also be a way for Tencent practice to diversify its earnings portfolio. Read More

Headlines from China: Chinese Animated Film ‘Duck Duck Goose’ Released on Netflix

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Duck Duck Goose, an animated film produced by Chinese studio Original Force, has recently been released on Netflix to audiences in over 20 countries. Read More

Film Review: The Island

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Shipwrecked on a desert island, workers face a series of crises that are largely their own doing in this Chinese dramedy. Read More

Second Annual Licensing Expo China Nearly Doubles in Size

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"As (Chinese) people raise their living standards, culture and arts licensing is boosting consumption and brand extensions." Read More

Headlines from China: Amy Schumer’s ‘I Feel Pretty’ Set for August 28 China Release

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Amy Schumer's "I Feel Pretty" and 2016 American biographical film "Pelé: Birth of a Legend" have scored China releases. Read More

Ten Korean Reality TV Shows that Got a Chinese Remake

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South Korean reality series featuring actor and ‘Mission: Impossible – Fallout’ stars Tom Cruise, Henry Cavill and Simon Pegg is only one of many to have been adapted for Chinese viewers. Read More

Headlines from China: A Short History of Tencent Pictures

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As Tencent Pictures turns three, we take a look at what this company has achieved over the past three years. Read More

China Trademark Theft. It’s Baaaaaack in a Big Way

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Starting about a year or so ago, our China trademark lawyers started getting a ton of China trademark theft calls and the number of those calls has been accelerating ever since. Read More

Headlines from China: Tencent Delivers Drop in Profit and Growth in Online Video in Q2

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On August 15, Chinese tech giant Tencent released the company's unaudited Q2 financial report. According to the report, the company saw significant growth in Q2 with total revenue up 30% year-on-year to $10.7 billion. However, net profit dropped 2% to $2.7 billion. Read More



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