Evolving choices: The new luxury perspectives of China’s wealthy female entrepreneurs

Jing Daily interviews three successful Chinese businesswomen on their luxury shopping habits, favorite brands, and views on International Women’s Day.

Today is International Women’s Day. With the complex tapestry of luxury consumption in China tied to the country’s successful women, we unravel the narratives of three successful businesswomen who indulge in luxury, fashion, and beauty: Hayley Dai, Marina Yang, and Dong Xuemin.

Amid economic fluctuations and a societal shift in values, these Chinese individuals offer rare insight into the nuanced world of luxury, revealing a landscape marked by changing preferences, authenticity, and a quest for enduring value.

Hayley Dai: Navigating luxury with pragmatism

Hayley Dai, 37, is a pioneering entrepreneur in Chengdu’s vibrant creative landscape. As the founder of an event planning company, Dai maneuvers through the complexities of luxury consumption with elegance and pragmatism, backed by an annual salary ranging from 2 to 3 million RMB ($278,000–$417,000).

Amid China’s economic fluctuations, Dai keenly observes a shift towards more conservative spending habits among consumers, particularly in her hometown. “Luxury stores in Chengdu are seeing a general downgrade in consumption,” she notes, highlighting the friendlier demeanor of sales staff and the increase in promotional events aimed at boosting sales. Continue to read the full article here