Virtual Insanity, Not: Why Looking at NFTs, Gaming and the Metaverse Makes Sense for Luxury

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NFTs? Skins? CryptoPunks? You’re already fed up with it all? You think it’s just noise? For luxury, it’s more exciting than you think. Read More

Amid Crackdown on “Excessively Entertaining” Content, Low-Key Programs Could Set the Tone For 2022

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The new Shanghai-based program “Flash Cafe” invites musical guests to enjoy a cup of coffee, chat, and perform a song. As we enter the final weeks of 2021, China’s wide-ranging crackdown on celebrities, fan culture, and the domestic entertainment industry — covered in our recent report, What China’s Big Celebrity Crackdown Means For Luxury — shows no Read More

What China’s Big Celebrity Crackdown Means For Luxury

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In 2021, the expanding scrutiny of China’s booming celebrity culture crackdown carries especially strong long-term implications for the marketing efforts of many luxury brands. Read More

Top Social Star Li Ziqi Breaks the Illusion and Sues Influencer Agency

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China’s most prominent cultural vlogger, Li Ziqi, hasn’t posted on her channels in months. Is this the end of her idyllic videos? Read More

How Viya & Austin Li Won Singles’ Day

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The big winners of this year’s Singles’ Day in China were its livestreamers. But can they also help luxury brands? Read More

China’s ‘Piano Prince’ Falls From Grace as Beijing’s Celebrity Crackdown Continues

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Following Kris Wu’s arrest, world famous “Piano Prince” Li Yundi has become the latest Chinese celebrity entangled with the law after hiring a prostitute. Read More

SkinCeuticals Releases Short film on Chinese Professionals

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L’Oréal-owned skincare brand SkinCeuticals teamed up with the digital creative house Xinshixiang to produce a short film called “The Power To Become.” Read More

Ubras Appoints Supermodel Liu Wen as Ambassador But Will It Pay Off?

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Homegrown underwear label Ubras announced Chinese supermodel Liu Wen as their new brand ambassador. Was it the right move? Read More

Bulgari Says Goodbye, Kris Wu, Hello, Yang Yang

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After severing ties with scandal-ridden Kris Wu, Bulgari has appointed Chinese actor Yang Yang as its new spokesperson. Read More

Will China Cancel Actor Simu Liu After Anti-China Remarks?

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Chinese-born actor Simu Liu angered Chinese netizens by calling China a “third world” where people die of starvation. Will it affect his box office sales? Read More


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