NFTs Are Shaking Up China’s Art Scene

 /  News  / 
Following the $47,000 sale of an NFT song by Chinese singer A Duo, will the crypto boom give rise to more Chinese creatives? Read More

Pepsi’s Peachy Tune With Li Xian Takes Off On Weibo

 /  News  / 
What makes it such a popular flavor, and how did Pepsi stand out in the sea of oolong offerings? Read More

Beijing Cracks Down on Fan Culture

 /  News  / 
Beijing Cracks Down on Fan Culture. Will Brands Pay the Price? Read More

Sony and Discord Create a New Future for Social Media

 /  News  / 
The partnership between Sony Playstation and Discord is built on engaging communities. Read More

Are China’s “Little Fresh Meat” Idols Losing Their Luster?

 /  News  / 
Are China’s “Little Fresh Meat” Idols Losing Their Luster? Read More

Move Over C-Beauty, C-Pop is Up

 /  News  / 
Tencent’s reality show, Produce Camp 2021, has produced China’s latest boy band sensation, INTO1. But can it wow global audiences? Read More

The New Voice Of Chinese Fashion Media

 /  News  / 
Influential Stylist and Creative Director Lucia Liu returns to Huasheng Media to change the publishing industry game. Read More

International Supermodel Liu Wen Becomes JD’s New Ambassador

 /  News  / 
In a bid to compete with cross-border commerce rivals, including Tmall Global and Xiaohongshu, has appointed international supermodel Liu Wen as its new ambassador.  Read More

How Mercedes-Benz Won Over Women on Xiaohongshu

 /  Entertainment Marketing  / 
Social commerce – selling through social media – is becoming the norm in China. Read More

Which Chinese Video-Sharing Site Is Right For Your Brand?

 /  News  / 
Many of China’s KOLs have massive channels to amplify their voices. Jing Daily analyzes how four livestreamers are extending their brand. Read More


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