Ubras Appoints Supermodel Liu Wen as Ambassador But Will It Pay Off?

 /  News  / 
Homegrown underwear label Ubras announced Chinese supermodel Liu Wen as their new brand ambassador. Was it the right move? Read More

Bulgari Says Goodbye, Kris Wu, Hello, Yang Yang

 /  News  / 
After severing ties with scandal-ridden Kris Wu, Bulgari has appointed Chinese actor Yang Yang as its new spokesperson. Read More

Will China Cancel Actor Simu Liu After Anti-China Remarks?

 /  News  / 
Chinese-born actor Simu Liu angered Chinese netizens by calling China a “third world” where people die of starvation. Will it affect his box office sales? Read More

Headlines From China: ‘Free Guy’ Crosses $50M, ‘Tomorrow War’ Opens with $8M

 /  Box Office  / 
20th Century and Disney’s Ryan Reynolds hit "Free Guy" cruised to an easy second-weekend win at China’s box office. Read More

China’s Latest Cancellation Catapults TikToker to Fame

 /  News  / 
In another government clampdown, controversial Douyin influencer Guo Laoshi, also known as “Teacher Guo,” has been removed from Chinese social media. Read More

China Bans Effeminate Men and Abnormal Esthetics From TV

 /  News  / 
China’s male idols are on the chopping block once again as authorities ban “sissy men” on TV. Read More

Aha Lolo: The Influencer Duo Popularizing Fashion Criticism In The Digital Era

 /  News  / 
In an age of post-pandemic digital transformation, the Chinese influencer duo Aha Lolo has been heavily disrupting traditional fashion criticism. Read More

Will a Red-Hot Bilibili Become Irresistible to Luxury Brands in 2022?

 /  News  / 
Bilibili has evolved far beyond its early focus on the ACG (Anime, Comics, and Games) subculture, to draw hundreds of millions of mainstream users. Read More

Beijing Cancels Actress Zhao Wei. Is No Star Safe?

 /  News  / 
China has weathered a series of idol and celebrity scandals, and the reactions have been swift and strong. Where does that leave luxury ambassadorships?  Read More

How TikTok and Shein Are Taking Over the World

 /  News  / 
TikTok recently announced an expanded partnership with Shopify and a pilot test of TikTok Shopping. Read More


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