Tencent Report 2018: A Short Introduction to Asia’s Most Important and Least Understood Company

Tencent CEO: Ma Huateng (Pony Ma)

This short report aims to layout the basics of Tencent’s structure and some detail on their higher management and financials. I have put it all together as a resource to help investors and tech industry watchers better understand Asia’s largest tech giant.


a. Group structure

b. Managerial talent

c. Others: Financial basics, key products, locations



For those who wish to receive a PDF version of this report send an email to info@chinachannel.co


The information in this report is pieced togther and translated from a wide variety of public sources. I’ve taken efforts to try and assure the information is accurate but take no responsibility for the validity within. I do not represent Tencent Holdings nor do I hold stock in them.