A New Age Of Digital Collecting Is Upon Us

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"You're not just collecting a piece of art," says the co-founder of LumiereVR about XR art, "you're collecting a world." Read More

Headlines From China: Dalian Wanda Exits AMC Entertainment, Reversing Global Expansion

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Dalian Wanda Exits AMC Entertainment, Reversing Global Expansion. Read More

Sony and Discord Create a New Future for Social Media

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The partnership between Sony Playstation and Discord is built on engaging communities. Read More

Headlines From China: iQIYI Ushers in Next-Generation of Entertainment with Chinese Girl Group THE9’s Debut Extended Reality (XR) Concert

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iQIYI Ushers in Next-Generation of Entertainment with Chinese Girl Group THE9's Debut Extended Reality (XR) Concert. Read More

These Global Brands Are Conquering The Virtual World

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In today’s post-pandemic reality, the virtual realm offers limitless and safe ways for luxury houses to connect with consumers in China and beyond. Read More

Under Pressure From Advocates, WeChat Emoji Quits Smoking

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An iconic emoji on China’s most widely used social network has given up smoking. Read More

CCI Take: TikTok Is a Content-Commerce Conduit for Global Gen Z

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Amid the whiplash-inducing news surrounding TikTok’s future in the United States, which has left even the company itself struggling to understand its future status, the Bytedance-owned app continues to move forward with monetization efforts in international markets (with the obvious exception of India) as it gains popularity among the increasingly lucrative Gen Z demographic.  Read More

TikTok and Sister App Douyin Retain Crown as World’s Most Downloaded Non-Game App

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Last month, TikTok, and its sister app Douyin, were downloaded 66 million times globally, representing a year-on-year increase of 9.5%, according to a report by research firm SensorTower. Read More

TikTok Invites U.K. Lawmakers to Review Content Moderation Over Ties to Beijing

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TikTok’s U.K. branch has invited local lawmakers to review its algorithm and how it moderates content in an attempt to earn the trust of British policymakers who believe Beijing exerts influence on the short video app’s content moderation process, according to a report by CNBC. Read More