Sony and Discord Create a New Future for Social Media

The partnership between Sony Playstation and Discord is built on engaging communities.

This week‘s column focuses on how two complementary technology brands are collaborating to develop more robust digital experiences for consumers.

One major consequence of the global pandemic has been the rapid digitalization of our everyday lives, covering activities from shopping to personal interactions. Social networks have seen their total user base quadruple over the past decade, from 1 billion in 2011 to 4.20 billion users in 2021. Stay-at-home orders during the COVID-19 outbreak reinforced the importance of technology to maintain social connections and offer interactive experiences, and we are continually discovering new digital tools that encourage improved communication.

Social Media to Meet the Needs of Users

Social media is transitioning from the static model of Facebook and Instagram to more interactive formats. TikTok, for example, has seen spectacular growth over the past year, amassing nearly 700 million users who embrace the entertainment if offers via non-stop short video. However, even in the case of that hugely popular app, it lacks real-time interaction for the most part. As technology evolves, the future of social media will require the option of live, two-way communications.

Clubhouse and Discord are two apps that have taken off over the past year, and both boast real-time interaction. Similar in their underlying technology, the major difference is accessibility: Discord is open to all mobile phone users, while Clubhouse requires an invitation to join and was only available to Apple iOS users until very recently. What makes both attractive is their ability to connect users in live conversations. Thus, what was once one-way social media (via posts from an individual or brand) has given way to engaging online discussions. Continue to read the full article here