TikTok Overtakes Facebook as the World’s Most Downloaded App

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Why Are All Luxury Brands Eyeing Soap Operas?

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Headlines From China: Could Douyin Give Tmall, JD a Run for Their Money?

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Dior’s Fall 2021 Menswear Collection Campaign Topped Chinese Social Media

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Dior’s Guochao Menswear Collection Avoids Cultural Clichés. Read More

Sony and Discord Create a New Future for Social Media

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The Chinese Social Media Stars Unknowingly Going Viral in the West

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Targeting China’s Generation Z? The Cool Kids are on Bilibili

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How Chinese Influencers Calculate Their Fees

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Chinese influencers may charge brands different fees for promoting products on various social media platforms depending on these factors. Read More

Is China’s Hottest Video App, Douyin, the New WeChat for Luxury?

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The 6 Male Instagram Stars Taking China by Storm

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Despite Instagram being blocked on the Chinese mainland, these globally dominant celebrities still garner huge followings in the west on the popular social network. Here are six top Chinese male influencers that you need to start following now. Read More