Headlines from China: Mango TV’s Stock Price Rose to a Historical High, How Good Is the Reality Show ‘Sisters Who Brave Winds and Waves’?

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Following the debut of the much-anticipated reality show “Sisters Who Brave Winds and Waves”, the stock price of Mango TV’s mother company Mango Excellent Media rose by nearly 9% on Friday and another 7% on Monday. Read More

Mango TV Shines on Unconventional Reality Show

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Mango TV, the online video platform affiliated with Hunan Broadcasting System, launched the reality talent show whose Chinese name translates to “Sisters Who Brave Winds and Waves.” The first episode has received 400 million views so far and sparked a rally for shares of Mango Excellent Media Co. Ltd., operator of Mango TV. Read More

Headlines from China: Beijing Enlight Media Rewards Senior Executives With Bonuses Over 24.5 Million Yuan

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The top-tier Chinese film company Beijing Enlight Media recently published its 2019 financial report. Based on this report, the company have offered its senior executives a handsome bonus package that amounts to 24.5 million yuan in sum. Read More

Headlines from China: Beijing Enlight Media Released New Film’s Promotion Materials

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Since the coronavirus outbreak started in January, a lot of film companies have slowed down their promotion schedule. However, Beijing Enlight Media has been actively promoting its new films projects ever since. Read More

Headlines from China: Web Film Market Experienced a Substantial Growth During First Business Quarter

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As online entertainment increased during the coronavirus outbreak, web film industry experienced a remarkable growth in the first quarter. Read More

Video Streaming Results: Bilibili, Tencent Video, iQiyi

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Though video streaming continued to be an unprofitable business last year, all platforms have seen a recent surge in viewership as a result of the coronavirus lockdowns that started in late January, and are expected to be at least partially sustained throughout the year. Read More

Local Governments Assist Filmmakers Stricken by Covid-19

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Government agencies in Beijing and Jiangsu province have rolled out new measures to support their local film industries, which are shaping up as one of the biggest casualties during the Covid-19 outbreak with the shuttering of theaters and production studios. Read More

Regulators Unveil Rules for TV Shows, Aiming to Lift Industry

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To improve the quality of TV shows rather than boost profits, regulators set a limit of 40 episodes, though the benefit to video platforms is unclear. Read More

Reality Shows Present Slice of Indoor Life During Epidemic

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Several television and online platforms are premiering shows shot within the confines of people’s homes, including those of celebrities. Read More

Coronavirus Impacts on Content in China

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With a significant part of the population confined to their homes as they wait out the spread of the epidemic, internet-enabled connections to the outside world have played a crucial role across sectors, and the experience may change how content is consumed well into the future. Read More


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