E-Commerce Livestreaming in U.S. Heats Up as TikTok and Walmart Broadcast Joint Session

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TikTok concluded its first livestreamed e-commerce sales session featuring U.S. retail giant Walmart on Friday night, with up to 20,000 viewers watching the one-hour show. Read More

Fashion E-Retailer Mogu Gets Livestreaming Lift in Otherwise Dismal Quarter

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Despite suffering a dramatic revenue drop in the third quarter, Chinese fashion e-commerce firm Mogu posted solid growth in sales linked to its livestreaming business. Read More

China’s ‘Immoral’ Celebrities Could Be Banned From Livestreaming

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A notice from the country’s media regulator suggests public figures who get caught with drugs or prostitutes could be barred from streaming, but some are worried about its vague wording. Read More

China Restricts Livestreaming Spending and Blocks Underage Users from Tipping Performers

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Chinese livestreaming companies will be forced to cap the amount of money viewers can spend on their favourite performers as part of new rules unveiled by the national media regulator this week, potentially eating into a lucrative source of revenue for the firms. Read More

E-Commerce Platforms Vie To Boost Singles’ Day Shopping With TV Galas

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The competition is heating up to promote this year’s Singles’ Day sales with splashy televised galas on major satellite TV networks. Read More

Livestreaming Hits the Big Screen as China’s Box Office Booms

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China’s top e-commerce livestreaming stars are so recognizably in the mainstream that they are now appearing in movies (having already conquered the smaller screens). Read More

Short Video Firm Kuaishou Optimizes Its E-Commerce By Connecting Livestreamers With Quality Products

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TikTok rival Kuaishou is doubling down on efforts to expand its e-commerce presence with the introduction of a product pool as the company has seen a surge in online shopping orders generated on its platform. Read More