E-Commerce Platforms Vie To Boost Singles’ Day Shopping With TV Galas

The competition is heating up to promote this year’s Singles’ Day sales with splashy televised galas on major satellite TV networks. JD.com, which was reportedly preparing a livestreamed show for the evening of November 10 while its competitors went for TV audiences, has announced that its “Live Super Night” (京东11.11直播超级夜) will be broadcast on Jiangsu Satellite TV and streamed on iQiyi, as well as via JD Live.

The event will be held at Beijing’s Wukesong Arena (aka Cadillac Center), and feature more than 30 celebrities, including Wang Yuan and the newly formed girl group The9 from iQiyi’s “Youth With You” (青春有你) competition show. Viewers will be able to win prizes, obtain discounts, and collect points that can be redeemed for RMB 100 million ($15 million) in cash that will be given away during the broadcast.

JD.com is also putting its Singles’ Day campaign in the spotlight through its title sponsorship of Mango TV’s new show “Lady Land” (姐姐的爱乐之程), a follow-up to its groundbreaking “older” women’s idol group competition, “Sisters Who Make Waves” (乘风破浪的姐姐, previously on CCI). “Lady Land” sees the winners, formed into a new band called “Priceless Sisters,” recording their debut album and preparing to go on tour. JD.com’s sponsorship of the show goes beyond just background signage and props to include more active promotion of its Singles’ Day activities.

Other major e-commerce-driven shows in the lineup for the coming weeks:

  • Tmall’s “Global Shopping Festival 2020” (天猫双11开幕直播盛典) airs on October 31 on Hunan Satellite TV to kick off an additional three days of big sales from November 1-3. Tmall plans to link together 18 livestreaming rooms for the event, so that audiences can interact with each as they please. Confirmed guests include Jackie Chan, Wang Yibo, Huang Zitao, and actress-turned-livestreaming star Liu Tao.

  • Also on October 31, retailer Suning will host the “Double 11 Super Show” (双十一超级秀) on Zhejiang Satellite TV, and the event will also stream via Douyin, Weibo, Taobao Live, and Suning Live, with interactive games that promise cash giveaways, prizes, and chances to win Huawei products for just RMB 1 (15 cents).

  • Another Tmall extravaganza, the “Double 11 Carnival Night” (天猫双11狂欢夜) will air on the evening of November 10, broadcasting on Zhejiang Satellite TV, Dragon TV, and Youku, with more than 100 stars including Hua Chenyu, G.E.M., and Meng Meiqi (though no global names like Taylor Swift this year). It will capitalize on the one yuan trend with opportunities for viewers to buy goods for just RMB 1 scattered throughout the night.

  • The night of November 10 will also see Pinduoduo’s gala, the “11.11 Super Pin Night” (拼多多11·11超拼夜), broadcast on Hunan Satellite TV, and what the lower-priced e-commerce retailer may lack in star power it will make up with financial incentives. Pinduoduo has announced plans for RMB 1 billion ($148 million) in cash giveaways to viewers through red envelopes (hongbao), along with subsidies worth RMB 10 billion ($1.5 billion), and a cash gift of RMB 9.9 ($1.50) for every new user.

So who will emerge as the big winner? Stay tuned.


The article is written by Ginger Ooi. Read more here at CCI.