China’s TikTok Is Banning Users Who Brag About Their Wealth

 /  Legal  / 
The short-video platform’s stated goal of promoting “a civilized lifestyle” aligns with an ongoing government campaign to make China’s cyberspace more positive and wholesome. Read More

China’s Top Sci-Fi Author Is… Stephen King?

 /  Legal  / 
A Chinese writer’s submission for a prestigious domestic award was found to have copied the entire plot from a decades-old story by the prominent American author. Read More

The Small-Time Reality TV Hit Reviving Chinese Theater’s Big Dreams

 /  Theater  / 
In “Theater for Living,” brutal honesty about the hardships of life onstage is winning over fans. Read More

Next in Innovation for Q&A Site Zhihu: Sci-Fi Television

 /  TV  / 
The popular knowledge-sharing platform has announced its first original series, giving hope to China’s long-suffering sci-fi fans. Read More

An Intergalactic Sandbox Is China’s Latest Indie Gaming Success Story

 /  Game  / 
“Dyson Sphere Program” challenges players to build galaxy-spanning logistics networks and massive structures that harvest energy from stars. Read More

A Show About Poverty Alleviation Is Getting Historically High Reviews

 /  TV  / 
Critics and casual viewers alike appreciate how “Minning Town” doesn’t shy away from some of the common missteps associated with government relocation projects. Read More

Upcoming Launch of ‘Steam China’ Has Gamers Worried

 /  Game  / 
A localized version will likely mean more oversight, and thus fewer games to choose from. Read More

Plagiarizing Director’s Film Pulled From China’s Silver Screens

 /  Film  / 
Some online are arguing that it would be unfair for an entire production to be punished because of one man’s mistakes over a decade ago. Read More

Chinese Livestreaming’s Leap Year

 /  Chinasplaining  / 
Eight terms summarizing another colorful year in the world of Chinese livestreaming. Read More

Chinese Esports Teams Banned Over Dota 2 Match Fixing

 /  Game  / 
The punitive action from developer Valve Corporation came after the teams, Newbee and Avengerls, showed obvious signs of foul play during a head-to-head match. Read More


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