Move Over C-Beauty, C-Pop is Up

 /  News  / 
Tencent’s reality show, Produce Camp 2021, has produced China’s latest boy band sensation, INTO1. But can it wow global audiences? Read More

The New Voice Of Chinese Fashion Media

 /  News  / 
Influential Stylist and Creative Director Lucia Liu returns to Huasheng Media to change the publishing industry game. Read More

International Supermodel Liu Wen Becomes JD’s New Ambassador

 /  News  / 
In a bid to compete with cross-border commerce rivals, including Tmall Global and Xiaohongshu, has appointed international supermodel Liu Wen as its new ambassador.  Read More

How Mercedes-Benz Won Over Women on Xiaohongshu

 /  Entertainment Marketing  / 
Social commerce – selling through social media – is becoming the norm in China. Read More

Which Chinese Video-Sharing Site Is Right For Your Brand?

 /  News  / 
Many of China’s KOLs have massive channels to amplify their voices. Jing Daily analyzes how four livestreamers are extending their brand. Read More

BLACKPINK’s Lisa Is Next in China’s Line of Fire

 /  Entertainment Marketing  / 
Over the past week, a slew of fashion brands have been blacklisted in China due to their refusal to source Xinjiang-made cotton, from fast fashion leader H&M to luxury names like Burberry and Calvin Klein. But now, an unexpected player has taken a hit: BLACKPINK’s Lisa. Read More

Douyin Offers Flagship Stores for Brands

 /  Fashion  / 
By launching flagship stores for brand accounts, Douyin proves once again that it is much more than just a short-video platform. Read More

Gaming Keeps Tencent Green in Q4

 /  Game  / 
Tencent saw balanced growth across all its core business segments, but its standout was international gaming, which grew by 43 percent. Read More

Is China Ready To Bust Up Alibaba?

 /  Business  / 
China’s financial regulators continue to roll out measures to cover the digital sector and the fintech industry, which had previously gone relatively unchecked despite being a large source of consumer credit growth. Read More

How Chinese Influencers Calculate Their Fees

 /  Entertainment Marketing  / 
Chinese influencers may charge brands different fees for promoting products on various social media platforms depending on these factors. Read More


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