Rihanna’s viral ‘Vogue China’ cover, Jackson Wang’s ‘Chuang Asia: Thailand’ collection

In collab news, Rihanna graces the cover of ‘Vogue China,’ The Dalmore whisky unveils a project with Zaha Hadid architect Melodie Leung, and Team Wang partners with ‘Chuang Asia: Thailand’ TV show.

Everyone woke up this morning to news feeds filled with Rihanna’s array of Vogue China covers for the April 2024 issue. They instantly went viral all over the world: stellar marketing in the lead up to her brand launching in the mainland via Sephora.

Luxury brand identities in 2024 must be elevated into an artistic, expressive practice to maintain cultural capital. And that’s exactly the direction that fine whisky brand The Dalmore is taking, having just revealed a visionary collaboration with Zaha Hadid Architects director Melodie Leung.

This week, Jing Daily delves into that collaboration, which was showcased at the Victoria and Albert Museum in Dundee.

Also in collaboration news, Jackson Wang’s leading local streetwear brand has joined forces with the latest trending talent TV show Chuang Asia: Thailand.

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Vogue China x Rihanna

Details: Rihanna on the cover of Vogue China’s April 2024 issue [two print and three digital covers]

Social context: #rihanna has 1.79 billion views on Weibo, and 121 million on Xiaohongshu (where Vogue Plus has 31,400 followers). On Xiaohongshu, #VogueplusAprilissue (Vogueplus四月号) generated 342,300 reads on the day of the announcement. Continue to read the full article here