‘Lost In Russia’ and the Search for a Chinese Netflix

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Chinese movie theaters complained when the film’s producers inked a deal with TikTok owner ByteDance, but the agreement isn’t likely to pose a threat. Read More

ByteDance-Owned Apps See Sharp Surge in China Downloads Amid Outbreak

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App Annie told Caixin that the explosion in downloads of the Jinri Toutiao and Xigua Video in January stemmed from a “stay-at-home” advisory issued by the government due to the coronavirus outbreak and the premiere of 'Lost in Russia' on the two platforms. Read More

Headlines from China: Bytedance’s Video Platforms to Stream Chinese New Year Film ‘Lost in Russia’ for Free

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The news came as a pleasant surprise to many Chinese audiences while movie theaters are angered. Read More

Headlines from China: Shanghai Launches Accessible Cinema Project for Visually Impaired Moviegoers

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Starting from January 25, visually impaired people can go to the "Love Cinemas" in Shanghai to enjoy the holiday movie "Lost in Russia" with their family and friends. Read More

Film and TV in 2020: What Will China Be Watching?

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"China's Lord of the Rings," new Zhang Yimou films, and sporting heroics are all set to be on screen. Read More

Headlines from China: Is ‘Crazy Alien’ Censored in the U.S.?

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It has been verified that ‘Crazy Alien’s U.S. release has indeed been cancelled, although an official explanation has yet to be provided as of this writing. Read More

Headlines from China: Alibaba Entertainment Executive Yang Weidong Being Investigated

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On December 4, Alibaba Digital and Entertainment Group released a statement, announcing that Fan Luyuan is appointed as the new CEO of Alibaba's video platform Youku, as Youku's current head Yang Weidong is being investigated by the police. Read More