Film and TV in 2020: What Will China Be Watching?

“China’s Lord of the Rings,” new Zhang Yimou films, and sporting heroics are all set to be on screen.

Cute male-led costume dramas, patriotic blockbusters, and a rock ‘n’ roll reality show were among the offerings that kept Chinese viewers glued to both big and small screens during 2019, but what will they be streaming and heading to cinemas for in 2020?

For starters, probably more of the same, but there’s also an attempt to make “China’s Lord of the Rings,” a potential slew of new Zhang Yimou films, star-led TikTok shows, and the possible return of Fan Bingbing to look forward to. Here’s our round-up of what to expect in the coming year.

The Spring Festival Box Office Battle

In recent years the Spring Festival holiday has become one of the biggest periods for Chinese cinemas as the country looks to escape all the over-eating and parental nagging that comes with Chinese New Year. In 2019, the need for escapism took audiences out into space, with The Wandering Earth blowing away the competition. Hoping to spark a similar cultural moment to kick off the Year of the Rat (and a whole new zodiac cycle), is fantasy epic Fengshen Trilogy. Continue to read the full article here.


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