Headlines from China: Is ‘Crazy Alien’ Censored in the U.S.?

A still from Crazy Alien

Is ‘Crazy Alien’ Censored in the U.S.?

Recently, some netizens posted online that they purchased tickets to see Crazy Alien in the U.S., but were only told later that the theatrical release of the film was cancelled. It has been verified that the film’s U.S. release has indeed been cancelled, although an official explanation has yet to be provided as of this writing. Some netizens speculate that the film’s release was cancelled in the U.S. because of the alleged animal abuse during its shooting while others believe the film is “censored” because of its sarcasm towards America. Read more on Sina

Xu Zheng Has Made $13 M Upon Filming ‘Lost In Russia’

Recently, Huanxi Media announced that the company is partnering with Beijing Zhenledao Media to produce Xu Zheng’s upcoming comedy film Lost in Russia. The shooting of the film just started and the film is eyeing a 2020 Chinese New Year release. According to the announcement, Huanxi Media will pay a production fee of RMB30 million to Beijing Zhenledao Media, which is owned by Xu Zheng.  Xu Zheng will also receive a total of RMB87 million (US$13 million) for his participation as the film’s director, producer, screenwriter, and lead actor. In addition, Huanxi Media will offer RMB100 million to be used to pay third-party contractors. As the biggest investor of the film, Huanxi Media is entitled to various benefits, including the film’s worldwide distribution rights, theatrical ticket sales, and third-party streaming rights, etc. Huanxi Media was co-founded in 2015 by Dong Ping, Ning Hao, Xu Zheng, Steven Xiang, and is listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Xu Zheng is a shareholder of both Huanxi Media and Beijing Zhenledao. Read more on Mtime

Spanish Film ‘Campeones’ Set for March 22 China Release

It is announced today that Campeones (“Champions”), a 2018 Spanish film, has scored a March 22 theatrical release in China. The film’s Chinese poster and trailer are also officially released as the announcement came out. Campeones tells a story of a basketball coach who is forced to coach a team of players with mental disabilities as performing community services, and eventually leads the team to championships. The film is based on the real story of Aderes team in Burjassot (Valencia), which won twelve Spanish championships. Read more on Mtime