Headlines from China: Internet Giant Tencent’s Busy Investment Season

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A lot of people have noticed that Tencent is moving very quickly in its global investment expansion recently. On 04/03, Tencent purchased about $50 million of Class A ordinary shares in cash of Pinduoduo, one of the leading e-commerce players in China. Read More

Tencent, Huawei Are Partnering on A Cloud Gaming Platform

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Tencent has signed a deal with Huawei to set up a laboratory to develop a cloud gaming platform, the Chinese gaming giant said in a statement Friday. Read More

Bytedance Gaming Play Doesn’t Threaten Tencent—yet

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To understand what Bytedance is doing in gaming, you have to understand its unique approach to corporate strategy. Read More

Headlines from China: Tencent Fights for ‘Honor of Kings’ Trademark in China

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Recently, a liquor production company in China's Guizhou province successfully registered the Honor of Kings trademark as a liquor brand. Chinese internet giant Tencent who owns the hit game of the same name is obviously unhappy with this situation. Read More

CBI Video: Eight Brand Films for the Year of the Rat

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A selection of eight of the most talked-about brand films created to mark the Year of the Rat. Read More

CBI News Wrap: Coronavirus Updates, Short-Video Moves

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The closure of a growing number of public venues as a result of the coronavirus outbreak have left television and the internet as the main entertainment outlets for many Chinese who have been on extended vacation Read More

WeChat Tests Short-video Feature in Challenge to TikTok

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The Channels feature allows certain WeChat users to post videos or photos to randomly selected audiences instead of limiting content to contacts. Read More

Headlines from China: Tencent’s WeTV Partners with BEC World to Distribute Thai Dramas

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Tencent Video's international streaming platform WeTV has formed a strategic partnership with BEC World, the operator of Thailand Television Channel 3, to exclusively stream drama series produced by Channel 3 in 2020. Read More

Short-Video App Kuaishou Takes on China’s Tech Giants for the Lunar New Year

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Over the past five years, China’s Spring Festival holiday has become a battleground among the country’s biggest internet companies, and as new technologies such as short video become increasingly popular, the fronts are shifting. Read More

Short Video App Douyin Expands E-commerce Features

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Short video app Douyin has recently updated its e-commerce feature, allowing users to view an assortment of similar or related products in feed rather than just a single product after clicking on an advertisement. Read More


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