CBI News Wrap: Spring Festival Campaigns, Entertainment Awards

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Spring Festival marketing efforts are in full swing, with brands releasing a slew of limited edition products, gift boxes and branded films to mark the coming Year of the Rat, along with special events around the holiday. Read More

CBI News Wrap: Shopping “As Seen on TV,” Douyin’s Fashion Gala

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Since its debut on December 6, the iQiyi celebrity reality show “Fourtry” has been realizing its potential to integrate content and commerce in innovative ways. Read More

CBI News Wrap: Branding the Mid-Autumn Festival

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News From China Brands turned out in force for the Mid-Autumn Festival on September 13. The big show on TV was CCTV’s gala variety show, exclusively sponsored for the sixth year by the aptly named Blue Moon laundry detergent brand. The brand introduced an upgraded product for the holiday, and gave viewers the opportunity to Read More

CCTV Partners with Baidu for Spring Festival Hongbao, Excludes Alibaba, Tencent

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Chinese state broadcaster China Central Television (CCTV) has partnered with tech giant Baidu to distribute “red packets” during the world’s most-watched television show of the year—the Spring Festival Gala. Read More

Headlines From China: What’s Special About The Chinese New Year Gala?

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Staged live on every Chinese New Year's Eve, the Chinese New Year Gala’s long-lived success can be attributed to the fact that it has become a ritual and tradition for many to watch the show on Chinese New Year's eve. Read More

Top 10 Chinese Actors to Watch in 2023

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We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 Chinese actors according to EnStar's data. Here’s who to watch in 2023. Read More

Dance, Dance, Revolution? China’s Stage Shows Get a Makeover

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Skin-deep portrayals of traditional aesthetics have helped producers to balance commercial success and political messaging, but there are signs the act is wearing thin. Read More

The Real People Behind China’s Virtual Idols

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“Virtual Youtubers” like Vox Akuma and the girl group A-SOUL have built huge followings in China. Read More

China’s ‘Piano Prince’ Falls From Grace as Beijing’s Celebrity Crackdown Continues

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Following Kris Wu’s arrest, world famous “Piano Prince” Li Yundi has become the latest Chinese celebrity entangled with the law after hiring a prostitute. Read More

Chinese Pianist Li Yundi Detained Over Prostitution Allegations

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Police said they were tipped off by a neighborhood vigilante group known as the “Chaoyang Masses.” Read More


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