Headlines From China: What’s Special About The Chinese New Year Gala?

What’s Special About The Chinese New Year Gala?

35 years since its first televised show, the Chinese New Year Gala, also known as the Spring Festival Gala, has become somewhat synonymous with Chinese New Year celebration. Despite negative ratings in recent years, its viewership has stayed unaffected. Staged live on every Chinese New Year’s Eve, the Chinese New Year Gala’s long-lived success can be attributed to the fact that it has become a ritual and tradition for many to watch the show on Chinese New Year’s eve. In addition, being a long-running show produced by CCTV, the show taps into the TV station’s wonderful resources and often invited the biggest names to perform. Alipay also collaborated with the Chinese New Year Gala and gave out many red envelopes on Chinese New Year’s Eve. The show’s political purpose is also not to be underestimated. Read more on entgroup.com

Wong Kar-wai to Chair Jury For “Tiantan” Awards at Beijing International Film Festival

Hong Kong filmmaker Wong Kar-wai is going to lead the jury for the prestigious Tiantan Award at the 8th Beijing International Film Festival. Wong is known for his visually unique works including In the Mood For Love, 2046, and Happy Together. The “Tiantan” Awards selects 17 works for nomination globally, and consists of ten different awards. The festival has invited Danish director Billie August and French director Luc Besson as judges in the past. The awards will be announced at the closing ceremony of the festival, which is going to be held on April 22, 2018. Read more on Mtime

“Detective Chinatown 2” To Release On Chinese New Year in China and North America

Written and directed by Chen Sicheng, Chinese comedy-mystery film Detective Chinatown 2 is set to release on Chinese New Year’s Day. (Feb 16) Set in New York City, the film explores the clashes between Chinese and Western cultures, and this is the first time a Chinese director has shot extensively in New York City. Chen said he picked New York City because it is a cultural melting pot. The film is working with Warner Bros. to release it on Chinese New Year in North America so Chinese everywhere can celebrate the new year watching the film. Read more on Mtime

The Bright Future of eSports

The global e-sports industry has been growing rapidly in recent years. The e-sports market revenue reached $325 million in 2015, and it is expected to reach $765 million by 2018. Currently, the majority of the revenue in the eSports industry come from China and Korea. Industry professionals are optimistic about the future of eSports and believe that it will also effectively promote culture, tourism and other related industries. Read more on China News