On Screen China: ‘Zootopia’ Doubles Screens and ‘Ip Man 3’ vs. ‘Gods of Egypt’

 /  Box Office  / 
China Film Insider sees Gods of Egypt fighting it out with Ip Man 3 for second place this weekend as Zootopia continues its magical run fueled by stellar word of mouth. Read More

Disney ‘Jungle Book’ China Date Follows ‘Zootopia’ Hit, Leads Shanghai Park

 /  News  / 
The China Film Group is importing director Jon Favreau’s adaptation of Rudyard Kipling's classic book, called 'Fantasy Forest' in Chinese. Read More

Could China Shut Down Foreign Web Publishing? Sure. Will it? Nope.

 /  Legal  / 
New rules governing the Internet in China go into effect on Thursday, March 10. Read More

China Box Office: ‘Ip Man 3’ Hit by Fraud, ‘Zootopia’ Could Break Animation Record

 /  Box Office  / 
Behind Ip Man 3’s massive debut lie serious signs of blatant and widespread box-office fraud that fly in the face of the government's vows to crack down on illegal practices. Read More

Legal Roundup: Media Crackdown Convergence

 /  Legal  / 
New content rules that specify in great detail what cannot be shown on TV. Read More

On Screen China: ‘Ip Man 3’ Will Give a Kung-Fu Kick to March Box-Office Blues

 /  Box Office  / 
Typically slow month for theaters will get a boost from Ip Man 3, though its two-month release delay means pirated copies are already out there. Read More

More on What You Need to Know About the New Rules for Online Publishing

 /  Legal  / 
Clearly the Chinese government enacted these new rules to better control foreign companies. At this point, all that remains to be seen is how far that control will reach. Read More

What You Need to Know About the New Rules for Online Publishing

 /  Legal  / 
Since foreign companies are already banned from any kind of publication in China, the only role of the new rules is to prohibit schemes that evade the existing restrictions. Read More

CFI Q&A With Joan Xu, Young Screenwriter in Beijing

 /  People  / 
Xu, a recent "Global Shaper" at Davos, talks about the stories that drive her, making money, and dealing with being a relative newcomer in China's restricted movie business. Read More

STX Taking ‘Boy’ to China With Huayi

 /  News  / 
Led by Robert Simonds, STX Entertainment has had a strong China-focus since its launch in 2014. Read More


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