Headlines from China: China’s 2017 Top Celebrities by Commercial Value

Left to right: Zhao Liying, Lu Han, Yang Mi

China’s 2017 Top Celebrities by Commercial Value

CBNweekly, a weekly-published Chinese business news magazine, recently released a list of top 100 Chinese celebrities by commercial value. Singer and actor Lu Han, whose announcement of new relationship can cause earthquake on Chinese social media, came in first. Actress Zhao Liying, who was named as brand ambassador by several well-known brands such as Dior, Dove and Longines, ranks No. 2. Yang Mi (3) and Fan Bingbing (4) were also in the top 10. Wu Jing, who directed and acted in this year’s most financially successful Chinese film ‘Wolf Warrior 2,’ enterd the list at number 7. Read more on Sina

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Chinese Film Market is Influencing the World But Chinese Cinema is Not 

China has undoubtedly become a powerful player in the film business worldwide. However, when it comes to Chinese cinema, we can barely say it’s internationally influential. The total international box office of Chinese films is not only much lower than that of American films, but also lower than Indian, Korean, or Japanese films. This article identifies three aspects where Chinese movies are still much less influential compared to American movies. First, Chinese cinema hasn’t become a crucial component of Chinese soft power. Second, Chinese films haven’t fully actualized their potential in driving economic growth in other sectors, such as merchandising, advertising, and cultural tourism. Last, Chinese films haven’t achieved significant commercial success outside China. Read more on People.com

Twelve Buy-out Films Playing in Chinese Theaters This Weekend 

On December 8 (Beijing Time), six buy-out films, including ’47 Meters Down,’ ‘Loving Vincent,’ ‘Heist,’ ‘Raid Dingue,’ ‘Paddington 2’ and ‘Only The Brave’ opened in Chinese theaters. Plus another six previously released buy-out films, there are twelve buy-out films playing in China this weekend. It’s expected that the total number of buy-out films released in China this year will reach all time high of seventy films at the end of the year. As the quality and quantity of buy-out films is rapidly increasing, the buy-out price has also been going up, which brings more pressure and risk to local distributors who hope to make a fortune through buy-out movies. Read more on yiyuguancha

Russian Historical Drama Film ‘Salyut-7’ Set for January 12 China Release

‘Salyut-7,’ a Russian disaster movie based on actual historical events, has scored a January 12 China release, according to sources familiar with the matter. Set in the 1980s during “Star Wars” (‘Strategic Defense Initiative), the film tells the story of cosmonauts Vladimir Dzhanibekov and Viktor Savinykh who docked on and brought back a ‘dead’ space station to service for the first time in history. The film will be released in 3D and DMAX to allow viewers to “navigate” the universe. Read more on Mtime