Headlines from China: What Disney’s Chinese Partner Has to Say about ‘The Dreaming Man’

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What Disney’s Chinese Partner Has to Say about ‘The Dreaming Man’

Disney’s first Chinese-language rom-com ‘The Dreaming Man’ has bombed at box office in China despite its powerful producers and A-list cast. Facing such a result, the film’s Chinese producer Wudi Pictures doesn’t seem very disappointed or discouraged. For Cai Shengzhe, CEO of Wudi Pictures, the completion of the film is already a demonstration of his company’s capability of collaborating with major international studios and working under the rules of both Chinese government and American labor union. Cai believes that the valuable lessons learned from this project will enable his company to take on more international projects in the future. Read more on Entertainment Capital

Huayi Brothers Media Warned by China Securities Regulatory Commission

Chinese media firm Huayi Brothers has received a warning from China Securities Regulatory Commission for failing to report on the income sources of its two subsidiaries in 2015, according to a statement made by Huayi Brothers on December 20. The two subsidiaries are director Feng Xiaogang’s production company Dongyang Meila Media  (东阳美拉) and actor Li Chen’s firm Dongyang Haohan Pictures (东阳浩瀚), which were acquired by Huayi Brothers in 2015. Wang Zhonglei, President of Huayi Brothers, says that the company will take full responsibility for the misconduct, and better fulfill its obligations as a public company in the future. Read more on Ent Group 

A Run-down of Recent and Upcoming Chinese Arthouse Films

The success of this year’s several Chinese arthouse films, including Feng Xiaogang’s ‘Youth,’ Zhang Yang’s ‘Paths of the Soul‘ and outdoor adventure film ‘Seventy Seven Days,’ reignites hope for Chinese arthouse cinema. Looking at the list of upcoming local films, 2018 has the chance to become an even better year for this genre of films. The most anticipated Chinese arthouse films of 2018 include Jiang Zhangke‘s ‘Ash Is Purest White,’ Lou Ye’s ‘Man’s Fate,’ Bi Gan’s ‘Long Day’s Journey Into Night,’ and Jiang Wen‘s ‘Yin Xia.’ Read more on yulechanye

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Another 12 Chinese Cinemas Named For Box Office Fraud

On December 21, China’s media regulator releases another list of domestic cinemas it claims are guilty of box office fraud, the fourth time it has done so this year. The blacklisted movie theaters are from 9 cinema chains, including Shanghai United Film, China Film Stellar Theater Chain, and Guangdong Dadi Cinema, among others. 12 cinemas were found guilty of box office fraud, which mainly involves concealing box office income by not entering some income into online ticketing system. Read more on Sina