Headlines from China: The Worrying Living Situation of Chinese Independent Filmmakers

The Worrying Living Situation of Chinese Independent Filmmakers

The documentary director Jiang Nengjie recently made the headlines after he gave up the copyright of his latest film “Miners, Groom, Pneumoconiosis”, and intentionally sent out free copy links to whoever has expressed interest in this film on Douban. In the letter that accompanied these links, Jiang expressed his sincere wish for people to pay more attention to the marginalized miners who have suffered from pneumoconiosis. Jiang’s action generated a wide discussion about the current living situation of Chinese independent filmmakers who cannot make films due to limited financing and all the other roadblocks. Read more on dianyingqingbaochu

The Billion-Dollar Cloud Gaming Business is Here

No need to download, no need to buy advanced equipment, what does it feel like to be able to open a big computer game as easily as opening a small web game? With the ongoing national effort to bring “new infrastructure” to life, it is estimated that by the end of this year, there will be around six hundred thousand 5G base stations around the country. The cloud gaming industry, which is heavily relied on the fast internet transmission speed, might soon experience an explosive growth once the 5G infrastructure is in place. Read more on Entertainment Unicorn