Headlines from China: Disney’s First Chinese-language Rom-com Set for December 8 Release

a still from ‘The Dreaming Man’

Disney’s First Chinese-language Rom-com to Open across China on December 8

‘The Dreaming Man,’ a Chinese-language Rom-com co-produced between Disney, SMG Pictures, and Shanghai Artrendwave, has been scheduled to release across China on December 8, according to the film’s official poster. The film is directed by Wang Ying and stars Chen Bolin, Jelly Lin (‘The Mermaid‘), and Zhang Yunlong. In the recently released poster, the three stars were having a carousel ride above white clouds, which gives a glimpse of the romantic fairy tales told in the movie. Read more on Mtime

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 The Business of Private Cinema in China

Along with the development of the Chinese film market, private cinema becomes a popular concept that many investors buy into. However, are Chinese moviegoers as passionate as the investors for this type of movie-viewing experience? In this article, the reporter interviews an operator of a private cinema to gain insights into the current conditions of this sector in China. According to the interviewee, building and operating private movie theaters involves high costs, yet the market demand is not as high as many people imagine. In addition, copyright infringement is ubiquitous in this sector. Most copies people can see at a private cinema in China are pirated versions. Although the number of private cinemas in China has been continuously increasing over the past a few years, most of them have a hard time making a profit. Read more on Ent Group

British-Irish Drama Film ‘The Journey’ is Imported into China

From last year’s ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ to this year’s ‘Dunkirk,’ movies that are based on the accounts of true historical events seem to have an audience in both the west and China. Recently, British-Irish drama film ‘The Journey,’ a fictional account of the true story of how political enemies, Ian Paisley and Martin McGuinness, formed an unlikely political alliance to change the course of history, has been imported into China, according to sources familiar with the matter. The film is directed by Nick Hamm, and stars Timothy Spall, Colm Meaney, and Freddie Highmore. Read more on Mtime

Online Ticketing Platform Tao Piao Piao to Share Ticket Subsidy Data with Partners

On November 8 (Beijing Time), leading Chinese online ticketing platform Tao Piao Piao announced on its official Weibo account that a new feature will be added to its ticketing site for Pro-members to check realtime and historical ticket subsidy data. This announcement stirred up discussions on the internet, as many assumed that all ticket subsidy data would be made available to all Pro-users. A reporter from Sina Entertainment contacted Tao Piao Piao for clarification. It turned out that only partners who conduct ticket subsidy campaigns on Tao Piao Piao will have access to the data of their own campaigns. Read more on Sina