CBI News Wrap: Interactive Video Ads and More Branding Trends

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Coming just a few weeks after it released the first interactive native video ad, this week iQiyi published a white paper on the development of the format. Read More

CBI Video: China Unionpay Scores a Historical Hit With Tang Dynasty Money Transfer  

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“The Last Transfer of Western Tang Empire” (大唐漠北的最后一次转账) is an epic sixteen-minute story of war and money set during some dark days of the Tang Dynasty (618-907) in the aftermath of the empire’s loss of the Western regions. Read More

Entertainment Marketing in China, Part 2: The Legal Landscape for Brand Integration 

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The Chinese legal environment for brand integration is not entirely clear-cut, since existing regulations largely focus on more traditional forms of advertising. Read More

CBI Case Study: Taking Dad to Study Abroad, or Taking Ads to Study Abroad?

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Last week, we looked at the positive feedback garnered by the brand integration activities of online education company Xueersi in the hit family drama “Growing Pain." This week we turn to the less rosy responses to brand marketing on another current hit series, “Over the Sea I Come to You” Read More

CBI News Wrap: Big Three Streaming and the “Big Mango Plan”

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China’s big three streaming video sites (iQiyi, Youku, and Tencent Video) continue to engage in a fierce battle for supremacy, and following close behind is Mango TV. Read More

CBI Video Pick: UCCA and Vogue China Introduce an Idol Viewing Picasso

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Within a day of the film’s release, social media posts with the hashtag “Cai Xukun approaches Picasso” were viewed more than 100 million times. Read More

CBI News Wrap: Alibaba’s Idle Fish, Tencent’s Rocket Girls, Placing Products in the Past

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Alibaba’s Idle Fish recent talk show sponsorship offers a model for the development of brand integration in Chinese variety programming. Read More

CBI Case Study: Online Education Provider Gets High Marks for Branding on Hit Teen Drama

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The most successful brand integrations find a sweet spot in tying the relevance of their product to the creative content they are linked with. This week’s case study looks at brand integration by Xueersi Online School within the most watched series in China during the early summer.  Read More

Entertainment Marketing in China, Part 1: The Brand Integration Landscape

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Marketing in its many forms is fairly new to China, and while some brand integration efforts have been derided as unsophisticated or clumsy, there are opportunities, innovations and challenges unique to the country. Read More

Legal Roundup: Government to Pay Theaters for Screening Domestic Films

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Imported movies accounted for 38.4% of 2015's total revenues, down from 45.5% in 2014. Read More


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