CFI Q&A: Filmmaker Emily Ting on “Go Back to China”

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The boldly titled “Go Back to China,” which opened in theaters on March 6, is the second feature by writer and director Emily Ting. The comedic story, about a spoiled Los Angeles party girl who is forced back to Shenzhen to work at her father’s toy factory after he cuts off her funds, was inspired Read More

China Brand Insider Is Now Content Commerce Insider

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Thank you for being a valued reader of China Brand Insider. To bring you greater insights into the world of brand-supported content, we are rebranding as Content Commerce Insider. Read More

Coronavirus Impacts on Content in China

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With a significant part of the population confined to their homes as they wait out the spread of the epidemic, internet-enabled connections to the outside world have played a crucial role across sectors, and the experience may change how content is consumed well into the future. Read More

CBI Case Study: Lessons From Luxury Auto Brand Films for the Spring Festival

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High-end auto brands engaged some of the country’s leading directors to make quality short films, illustrating various strategies for producing compelling content. Read More

CBI Video: Confucius and Turing Take a Trip on Haier’s Time-Traveling Train

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Appliance manufacturer Haier Group explores the tensions between tradition and modernity by showcasing how its various consumer brands support new definitions of what a home is. Read More

CBI News Wrap: Public Service Ads From Brands, Web Movies Struggle

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Though brands have been understandably hesitant to engage in major promotional campaigns as the coronavirus continues to spread, there’s been ongoing activity that connects brands to the efforts to cope with the outbreak. Read More

How Brands Are Supporting the Fight Against Coronavirus

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Overseas brands that depend heavily on the Chinese market for growth would be remiss to wait on the sidelines while the current crisis unfolds. Read More

CBI Video: Eight Brand Films for the Year of the Rat

 /  CBI  / 
A selection of eight of the most talked-about brand films created to mark the Year of the Rat. Read More

CBI News Wrap: Coronavirus Updates, Short-Video Moves

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The closure of a growing number of public venues as a result of the coronavirus outbreak have left television and the internet as the main entertainment outlets for many Chinese who have been on extended vacation Read More

Brands Opportunities on China’s Spring Festival Galas

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The many Spring Festival gala programs produced by regional broadcasters can provide brands with additional chances to gain exposure on a regional and nationwide basis via satellite and streaming.  Read More


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