Headlines From China: Zhang Ziyi’s First TV Drama Set for Release on Youku

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Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi, known for her world-class performance in films such as “House of Flying Daggers” and “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”, has made her first TV drama series titled “Monarch Industry”. Read More

Youku Taps Into Designer Toys Trend With New Streaming Show

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China's answer to YouTube has taken the country's collectible toy trend to the next level, launching a live-streamed variety show where celebrities hype and sell them. Read More

Headlines from China: Alibaba’s Youku to Produce China’s ‘Life in a Day’ 

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Alibaba-owned streaming site Youku is collaborating with MeDoc, a Shanghai-based documentary production company, to produce China's first crowdsourced documentary film about life in a day of coronavirus outbreak. Read More

Alibaba-Owned Video-Streaming Service Youku Signs Drama Deal with BBC Studios

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Alibaba-owned online video platform Youku has clinched a drama content deal with BBC Studios, making it the largest library of British drama shows in China. Read More

Headlines from China: Video Streaming Site Youku Forms A Strategic Partnership With Weibo

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The partnership will allow Youku to integrate Weibo's highly active SuperTopic community into its video platform while give Weibo users direct access to Youku's long-form video content. Read More

Headlines from China: Alibaba’s Streaming Platform Youku to Further Invest in Internet Movies

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After several years of rapid growth, web movies are seeing a new turning point in 2019. On June 12,  Shanghai International Film Festival Internet Summit officially hosted a forum on the new content strategies, models and marketing of web movies. Read More

Headlines from China: What’s Next for Youku?

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What is next for Chinese online video giant Youku in the post Yang Weidong-era? Read More

Youku and Migu Video Post Viewing Numbers From This Year’s World Cup

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As France won its second World Cup after beating Croatia on July 15, Chinese video streamers are also busy celebrating their soaring viewerships. Read More

Video Streaming Site Youku Sues Toutiao for Illegally Distributing Wolf Warriors 2

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Youku, a leading video streaming service owned by Alibaba, is suing online content aggregator Toutiao (in Chinese) and video platform Yuncheng Sunshine Media (our translation; 运城阳光传媒 in Chinese) for distributing the movie Wolf Warriors 2. Read More

Youku Signs Licensing Deals with NBCUniversal and Sony Pictures Television

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As a result of the deals, subscribers to the Youku service will be able to watch hundreds of films from NBCUniversal and Sony Pictures Television’s respective libraries for no additional fee. Read More


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