Headlines From China: Zhang Ziyi’s First TV Drama Set for Release on Youku

Zhang Ziyi’s First TV Drama Set for Release on Youku

Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi, known for her world-class performance in films such as “House of Flying Daggers” and “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”, has made her first TV drama series titled “Monarch Industry”. Adapted from the novel “Di Wang Ye,” or “Emperor’s Conquest”, the period romance drama revolves around the character of princess Wang Xuan, played by Zhang, who is caught in a power struggle within the imperial family. The series will be premiered on one of China’s leading streaming platforms Youku. Read more china.org

Why China is a Decade Ahead in Social-Driven Sales?

In China, social commerce makes up 11.6 percent of retail e-commerce sales, totaling $186.04 billion (1.285 trillion RMB) in 2019. This mind-blowing sales number is about ten times more than the number of sales in the US: a paltry $19.42 billion over 2019. Chinese social media platforms are more multifunctional and have a broader purpose than their Western counterparts. The rise of a new consumer class — the affluent, sophisticated, and highly connected millennial — has also helped to grow the e-commerce revolution. Read more Jing Daily