After Yet Another Liu Cixin Adaptation, What’s Next for Chinese Sci-Fi?

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Liu’s signature brand of “hard sci-fi” continues to dominate, but a new generation of authors is putting a more traditional spin on the genre. Read More

Liu Cixin Partners With Chinese AI Giant on ‘Three-Body’ Experience

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SenseTime plans to adapt the Hugo Award-winning author’s sci-fi series into an “immersive entertainment” product. Read More

Headlines from China: Liu Cixin’s Sci-Fi Trilogy ‘The Three-Body Problem’ to be Adapted as Netflix Series

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China’s cultural company Yoozoo Group and the U.S. streaming giant Netflix announced Tuesday that they would jointly launch a new dramatic series inspired by the Hugo Award-winning sci-fi trilogy "The Three-Body Problem.” Read More

Headlines from China: Liu Cixin’s Science-fiction Novel ‘The Three-Body Problem’ Will Be Adapted Into a Live-action TV Series

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Streaming giant Tencent Video recently announced a list of several dozen new series to be released on the platform in the near future. Among these upcoming series, the adaptation of Liu Cixin’s Hugo Award-winning science-fiction novel “The Three-Body Problem” has caught wide attention as the memory of a failed film adaptation of the trilogy is still fresh. Read More

Headlines from China: Another Science Fiction Novel By Liu Cixin Gets Film Adaption

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Kong Ergou will direct and write the film. Previously, Kong was a producer of the film adaption of Liu Cixin's "The Three Body Problem." Read More

Sci-Fi Phenom Liu Cixin on Fame, Morality and the Future

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The New Yorker called him “the Sir Arthur C. Clarke of China” and one of the most respected writers of classic science fiction. He counts Barack Obama and Mark Zuckerberg among his fans. Read More

Headlines from China: Sci-fi Film Based on Liu Cixin’s Novel Set for Chinese New Year Release

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The Wandering Earth, an upcoming science fiction film based on Liu Cixin’s novel of the same name, has been scheduled to release during the lucrative Chinese new year season. Read More

Headlines from China: Sci-fi Fan Barack Obama Meets Chinese Novelist Liu Cixin in Beijing 

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At the recent Global Education Summit in Beijing, former U.S. President Barack Obama met Chinese sci-fi writer Liu Cixin whose science fiction novel 'The Three-Body Problem' reportedly influenced Obama's presidency. Read More

Another Story by Chinese Sci-Fi Writer Liu Cixin to Hit Screens

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China’s best-known contemporary science fiction writer continues to sell, even as earlier productions stall. Chinese sci-fi novelist Liu Cixin is set to have another of his stories hit the big screen even as his more famous novel The Three Body Problem continues to languish in development limbo. Local media outlet Sina Entertainment reports that filming Read More

Headlines from China: Tencent to Release Comic Book Series Based on ‘The Three-Body Problem’

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The Three-Body Problem, an award-winning science fiction novel written by Liu Cixin, has now been adapted into comic series. Read More


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