Wanda To Build Over 100 4D Cinemas In China

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Wanda Cinema Line, China’s biggest movie-theater operator, is expanding cooperation with U.S. company MediaMation and South Korea’s CJ4D Plex to build over 100 new "4D" cinemas in China. Read More

‘Monkey King’s Daughter’ Novels to Get Film Treatment

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A series of young adult novels based on the daughter of the Chinese legendary character the Monkey King will get a film treatment as a US-China co-production. Read More

A China IP Reality Check

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One of the most popular shows in China, "The Voice of China," is embroiled in legal controversy, and the outcome could affect every single content license in China. Read More

Space Travel Theme Park To Open In Hangzhou

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Kuangchi Science, China’s answer to SpaceX, has announced it will invest RMB 10 billion ($1.5 billion) on a space-travel theme park based in Hangzhou. Read More

The Dilemma Of Chinese Online Videos Sites

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Live streaming has created a new battleground for China’s top online video sites. Most Chinese video sites still rely on advertising rather than subscriptions for revenue. All of China’s top video providers attract users with a mix of content, including original programming. In recent comments, Martin Lau, the president of Tencent, China’s largest internet company Read More

China’s Censors Are Powerful: Part 2 of the First CFI Guide

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Because China lacks a film ratings system to put the power of choice into consumers’ hands, the power lies instead with a group of censors—numbering between 19 and 36 people at any given time—whose job it is to grant or deny each film entry into the market. Read More

China On Screen: Paramount ‘Trek’ Promo Campaign Reaches for the Stars

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Enlisting popular TV personalities as galactic ambassadors for the film, 'Star Trek Beyond' should be able to gross $105 M, more than twice the total of its franchise predecessor. Read More

CFI Q&A: Rian Dundon, English Tutor to China’s Leading Lady Fan Bingbing

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China Film Insider spoke with Rian Dundon, who served as English tutor and private photographer for China's most recognizable film star, Fan Bingbing. Read More

Seven Trends Shaping The Chinese Film Industry

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Revenue generated by China’s film industry will reach RMB 200 billion (US$30 billion) by 2020, with both box office revenue and number of movie-goers surpassing that of North America, says a new report by professional services firm Deloitte. Read More

Recent Trends in the Distribution and Exhibition of Chinese Language Films in the UK Cinema Market

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Until recently, the distribution and exhibition of Chinese-language films in the UK had followed a familiar pattern for a number of decades: they were bought by distribution companies specializing in arthouse fare, who would subsequently release them onto the specialized and independent cinema circuit. Read More


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