Headlines from China: Zhang Yimou Starts Shooting New Film in Dunhuang

Zhang Yimou Starts Shooting New Film in Dunhuang

Today, Zhang Yimou starts filming his new film ‘One Second’ in Dunhuang, a Chinese city best known for the nearby Mogao Caves. The screenplay is co-created by Zhang Yimou and Zou Jingzhi who also wrote The Return (Dir. Zhang Yimou, 2011) and The Grandmaster (Dir. Wong Kar-wai, 2013). Chinese actor Zhang Yi plays the lead role in the film. Zhang Yi’s previous works include hit action film Operation Red Sea, Peter Chan’s Dearest, and Jia Zhangke’s Mountain May Depart. Read more on Mtime 

Wanda Film to Delay in Answering Chinese Authorities’ 37 Questions 

Recently, Wanda Film Holding received a list of 37 questions from Shenzhen Stock Exchange regarding the company’s assets restructuring. Today, Wanda released an official statement, saying that the company is unable to answer all the questions or submit requested materials by the July 10 deadline, as it requires lots of work as well as assistance from third-party agencies to prepare all the answers and documents. Wanda Film has submitted an extension request to the Stock Exchange, asking for an extended deadline. Meanwhile, Wanda Film will continue to be suspended from trading. Once Wanda Film’s response is approved by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, it will submit a request to resume trading. Read more on finance.qq.com

‘Animal World’ Director Reflects on The Film’s Disappointing Box Office 

Local film Animal World, which is directed by Chinese filmmaker Han Yan and stars Li Yifeng, has made 445 million yuan ($67.11 million) after 12 days in release. The film made a strong debut on June 29, raking in $38.2 million over the opening weekend. However, its box office earnings declined significantly since last Tuesday when preview screenings of Dying to Survive were sweeping China. Today, director of Animal World Han Yan posted a long paragraph on Chinese social media Weibo, reflecting on the film’s disappointing box office. Han says that what he tried to experiment with the film has been proved to be a failure and he would like to thank the film’s investors, producers, and cast/crew members for taking risks with him. It’s reported that the film’s production budget was 270 million yuan ($40.73 million). Based on its current box office performance, it’s unlikely that the film will eventually make a profit. Read more on Mtime