‘Cell’ Passes China’s Horror-adverse Censorship

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Stephen King’s homage to zombie films has managed to lurch past China’s notoriously horror-adverse censorship board. Read More

Chinese Documentary on WWII Sex Slaves Shows How They Live Now

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Amid ongoing international disputes surrounding Japan’s wartime atrocities, director Guo Ke says he wanted to steer clear of sensationalism. Read More

‘War for the Planet of the Apes ’ Set for September 15 China Release

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While the previous installments in the reboot series have done well in China, the late release for this film likely means its box office potential has already been somewhat eroded. Read More

This Chinese Film Studio is Showing the Potential of VR Content

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Despite some noise surrounding the future of China’s VR development, this Beijing-based VR film startup last month made its way to the Venice International Film Festival with its seven-minute long sci-fi animation. Read More

Chinese Police Crack Biggest Case of Online Piracy

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Chinese authorities have cracked the largest case in China of online film and TV series piracy, in which perpetrators made over 8 million yuan in revenues from illegally displaying advertising to users, running off servers across China. Read More

Alibaba Pictures Group Launches Talent Agency

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Alibaba Pictures Group is launching a new talent agency and a “variety show production and distribution” company, according to a new filing with the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Read More

Moutai Thanks Hit Movie ‘Wolf Warrior 2’ for Free Advertising

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Chinese box office hit “Wolf Warrior 2” has received a thank-you letter from the president of Kweichow Moutai, the country’s most famous brand of liquor. Read More

‘A Silent Voice’ Passes Chinese Censorship

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The teen anime film is the latest in a string of Japanese animations cleared for cinematic release in the world’s second-largest film market this year. Read More

With IPO Plans, China’s Hipster Movie Review Site Turns Pragmatic

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A leaked internal email that the company's founder and CEO, Yang Bo, sent to his employees called for the company to make a 'pragmatic' pivot. Read More


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