Stephy Fung: The Artist Behind the First 3D Qipao

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The London-based Fung, who is British-born Chinese, has been honing her technical craft in motion design since 2017. Read More

Headlines From China: ‘Moneyboys’ Director C.B. Yi Balances Gay Love Story Between China and Taiwan

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‘Moneyboys’ Director C.B. Yi Balances Gay Love Story Between China and Taiwan. Read More

The Snake in China’s Literary Garden

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From maneater to star-crossed lover, Lady White Snake has become one of Chinese literature’s most versatile — and unlikely — heroines. The one thing she is not, however, is docile. Read More

Headlines From China: ‘Dune’ Passes Chinese Censorship, to the Relief of Fans

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Chinese censors have approved Denis Villeneuve’s sci-fi spectacular “Dune” for release in the world’s largest film market. Read More

Why Are All Luxury Brands Eyeing Soap Operas?

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With the hashtag #DramaIreSyndrome hitting 110 million views on Weibo, are luxury TV seedings starting to become a bad idea for brands? Read More

The Mysterious Ancient City That’s Rewriting Chinese History

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The discovery of a 3,000-year-old civilization at Sanxingdui raised profound questions about China’s ancient past. Now, researchers believe they’re finally close to finding some answers. Read More

Headlines From China: Hong Kong Commerce Chief Dismisses Calls to Censor Online Films

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Hong Kong’s commerce chief has brushed aside calls to censor films posted online, questioning if this is practicable and necessary. Read More

Liu Cixin Partners With Chinese AI Giant on ‘Three-Body’ Experience

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SenseTime plans to adapt the Hugo Award-winning author’s sci-fi series into an “immersive entertainment” product. Read More

Headlines From China: China and Remake Deals Success for ‘Nocturna’ Argentinian Fantasy Film

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“Nocturna,” an Argentinian-made fantasy film that played last month in the Shanghai International Film Festival’s midnight fantasy section, has been picked up by Chinese company Naropean. Read More

2021 Marché Du Film Sino-International Film Panel

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For the sixth year in a row the Marché du film together with the Sino-European producers association Bridging the Dragon will host on 12 and 13 July an event specifically focusing on China. Read More