The Show Must Go On: How Cirque de Soleil Survived China’s Lockdown

 /  News  / 
For the Canadian firm’s newest troupe, keeping the show running through 2020 has been a monumental challenge — especially as several key acrobats are stuck outside China. Read More

ChinaJoy 2020: Cute Cosplayers, High-Tech Gadgets, Lots of Face Masks

 /  Event Recaps  / 
Though pandemic-related travel restrictions dampened early excitement for Asia’s biggest digital entertainment expo, hundreds of millions attended this year’s four-day event either in person or virtually. Read More

Debuting to Rave Reviews, Chinese Drama ‘The Bad Kids’ Cuts Deep

 /  Streaming  / 
Directed by a former punk rocker, the wildly popular psychological thriller is driven by complex characters, including three children who inadvertently film a cold-blooded murder. Read More

Uzi, China’s League of Legends Legend, Retires at 23

 /  Game  / 
The beloved gamer, affectionately called “Puppy” by his legion of fans, had suffered health setbacks including arm pain and diabetes. Read More

China’s Web Fiction Writers Strike Over Copyright Confusion

 /  News  / 
Fearing new leadership in their publishing group could lead to reduced rights and incomes, thousands of online authors protested by not updating their serialized novels. Read More

Chinese Minecraft Clone Yanked From App Stores Over Sexual Content

 /  Game  / 
Weeks after a whistleblower posted about Mini World: Block Art being a haven for erotica and sexual predators, the game is observing a period of “rectification.” Read More

From Isolated to Island-Hopping: China Embraces Animal Crossing

 /  Chinasplaining  / 
As a deadly pandemic ravages the globe, gamers are turning to a new virtual diversion as a welcome escape from reality. Read More

Law Professor’s Quirky Lectures Attract Millions of Online Fans

 /  Chinasplaining  / 
Viewers appreciate that behind Luo Xiang’s ridiculous stories and anecdotes is someone who reveres the sanctity of his profession. Read More

Winter Has Come for China’s Movie Extras

 /  Chinasplaining  / 
As a slowdown chills the Chinese film industry, actors are finding creative new ways to make a living. Read More

Chinese Audiences Debate Chinese-ness of ‘The Farewell’

 /  News  / 
Movie about Chinese culture, set in China, wows American audiences but flops in mainland premiere. Read More


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